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Art studio in the garden: Why a garden studio could be just what you need

A Garden Studio: Why a Garden Room is The Perfect Place to be Creative

When it comes to garden cabins, most people immediately imagine them as summer houses or office spaces but they can be used for so much more. The space can be whatever you make it and with a little imagination, you could transform your cabin into a tranquil garden studio in which you can let your creative juices run free!

This is why we think you should consider a garden studio:

Dedicated Space

Having an entire area dedicated solely to your hobby would surely be a dream come true!

A cabin in your garden could be the perfect place for your easel which wouldn’t ever need to be packed away, a unit to hold all of your paints and pencils, tables to work from… Even your own artwork displayed on the walls.

Your garden art studio would be a space for you and only you, to dedicate to your passion and to enjoy for years to come.

Art studio in the garden

Decor of Your Choice

You will be able to decorate, furnish and style your newly built garden studio in whatever way pleases you.

Perhaps you love bold, bright colours to make the area feel fun and crazy, or maybe you prefer the calms of sea blues and pastel tones to help you to focus and unwind?

No matter what your personal taste is, you can allow your creativity really shine when it comes to choosing the decor of your new art studio.

Natural Light

One of the biggest incentives for having your art studio in a garden cabin is the amount of natural light it will bring to your work area.

You could choose to have large bi-folding doors and floor-to-ceiling windows to bring plenty of light.

This will most definitely make working far easier, reduce any strain on your eyes and remove the need for too much artificial lighting, such as lamps which in turn will give you more space for your equipment and supplies.

Garden studio - Portrait of young beautiful middle age white Caucasian woman artist drawing painting in art studio with acrylic paints on canvas. Lifestyle activity hobby concept


There really is nothing better than being able to walk out of your house and find a place that allows you to escape.

To move away from the TV, the children, the telephone, the dog barking, or whatever else causes you distractions and into a world of peace and calm and solitude.



With that escapism comes some time to find your inspiration. The quiet, the calm, the zen will all allow your brain to just simply switch off and let your artistic nature take hold.

The garden will bring you so much joy and the natural surroundings could become a focus for your future pieces.

Work/Life Balance

If your artwork is your job, you will appreciate having an art studio separated from your home as this will allow you to be able to switch off from work when you step back into the house.

Having a good work/life balance is so important, and with your artwork out in your studio you will be removing that direct temptation to just do a little bit more.

This will enable you to set yourself working hours and include well-deserved breaks into your day.

Natural light in your new garden studio

Enjoy For Years

This area will be yours to enjoy for years and years to come. It could become a space in which to learn new skills, and maybe even to teach new skills to others.

It could bring joy for all of the family and perhaps launch the start of a new career!

The great thing about garden cabins is that they are built to last and even if your hobby changes, you can adapt your garden art studio over time so that it continues to function for you and brings you pleasure.

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