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Working from Garden Studio Rooms – Maximise Your Productivity

Garden studio rooms are great places to work from. Sadly for you, they’re also great places to relax in, making it difficult not to give in to temptation. 

Because garden studio rooms are often dual purpose (set up for both work and leisure) it helps to learn some behaviours that help with productivity. Working from home involves strict self management – a skill that can be learnt and built upon over time.

Working from Garden Studio Rooms and Maximising Productivity

People who work from home require a great deal of will power and self-discipline. They tend to realise very quickly that if they spend all day drinking tea and snacking on biscuits that their workload never gets any smaller.

Certain tips for productivity are easy to figure out alone, while other might need to be taught. It’s obvious that if you let your friends drop in on their day off, they’ll distract you. Working from home is still working and should be treated as such. If you were a brain surgeon they wouldn’t interrupt you doing your job, so why should working from home be any different?

Below are some great tips to help you maximise productivity and get the most out of your working day.

Offices vs Garden Studio Rooms – Both Need Structure!

Ever wonder why employers prefer for you to work in the office? It’s not just because they can spy on you! It is often believed that are often more productive in an office environment because their day has a clear structure. Lack of structure can allow your day to meander and and your work pace to suffer. Try to give your day a similar structure to a standard office environment. Have a clear start and finish time, factor in breaks and plan the time you will take them.

In fact, working from home can make you more productive, if you do it properly.

Although it might seem like you’ll get more done if you go at it in one big block of time, it’s likely that your attention will wane and your output will slow down. A day with planned breaks and changes of activity is likely to keep your concentration and productivity levels up.

Working from Garden Studio Rooms - Maximise Your Productivity

Don’t Allow Disruption

As mentioned above, working from home often seems like an invitation for interruption. Working from garden studio rooms is no different to a day in the office and should be treated as such. Preempt any disruptions by warning friends and family that you won’t be answering the door during office hours.

Interruptions hamper productivity because your brain is naturally not very good at switching tasks. If you’re engrossed in something then you have to answer the door, it’ll take just as long to get back into the swing of it as it did to get stuck-in in the first place!

Plan Task Switching to Keep Your Focus

Although switching tasks in quick succession can force you to lose focus, planning a change can help your concentration. Set yourself a time-frame to work on an assignment and stick to it. Move on to your next task at the planned time, even if you haven’t finished the first one. This will help you stick to deadlines better, as well as aid concentration by giving some variety to your day.

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