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We make beautiful, hand crafted modern garden rooms, garden offices, garden studios and bespoke outdoor garden buildings for year round use .
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Garden Studio Construction

Transform Your Garden With A Beautiful Backyard Building

Are you looking for a home upgrade that delivers a luxurious look while additionally boosting the value of the property as well as your daily life? A garden studio is the perfect answer for backyards of varying shapes and sizes. Here at Modern Garden Rooms, we can turn your vision into a reality with a wide range of premier garden studio installations throughout the UK.

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Garden Studios Designed For Multiple Purposes

A modern garden studio crafted from premium materials can truly make your home the envy of your neighbours. Nonetheless, you need the reassurance that this is the right addition to your backyard space. At Modern Garden Rooms, we build and install stunning self-contained garden buildings that are suited to a wide range of purposes.

Some of the most popular uses for our garden studios are;

• Bespoke home office spaces.
• Music rooms or studios.
• Treatment rooms for various therapy.
• Home gym setups.
• Poolside changing room facilities.
• Arts, crafts, or dance studio.
• A recreational room or games room.

The possibilities for your garden studio are endless, not least to our choice of five architectural designs. They include the Border, Canopy, Concave, Cube, and Rendered setups, all of which can be fully customised to your needs.

There are many reasons to choose a garden studio as opposed to other home extensions and upgrades. They offer a cost-effective and stylish solution that bypasses the need for extensive planning permission, while the practical benefits of a studio space that allows you to enjoy hobbies without disrupting the rest of the family is a major selling point too.

Whatever you want your garden studio to do, Modern Garden Rooms can make it happen.

Canopy Garden Room

Complete with an integrated decking area which connects your garden room with the outdoors, the Canopy Garden Room is one of the most popular and attractive designs that we offer here at Modern Garden Rooms. Featuring a one metre canopy, complete with downlights to illuminate the building entrance as it gets dark, the Canopy Garden Room has a stunning modern look and is also incredibly versatile. We can build this garden room as small as six square metres for those with smaller gardens, or as large as 50 square metres, giving your family all the extra room you need!

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Our Cube Room

Designed to allow plenty of natural light into the room, the Cube hosts a variety of possibilities. It’s the perfect space in which to relax and unwind with family and friends, gather your thoughts alone, or gain inspiration when working or creating. The Cube can be whatever you desire. This spacious design also includes a 1m decking area, ideal for catching the rays on those longed-for sunny days. Like all rooms offered by Modern Garden Rooms, the Cube’s size can be tailored to suit your needs. If you’ve always dreamed of having an office garden room, the Cube could be just the solution you’ve been looking for.

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Rendered Garden Room

Our Rendered Garden Room is a smart, ultra-modern garden room for those who aren't keen on the classic red cedar timber cladding, and want a sleeker appearance to their home office. The Rendered Garden Room is available in over 800 different colours, so whatever your spec, Modern Garden Rooms will be able to accommodate you. Just like our other garden buildings, our Rendered Garden Room is entirely customisable to your own dimensions. There is an integrated decking area, and if you would prefer a canopy on your building, speak with us!

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Our Concave Room

Our Concave Garden Room comes with all of the great features of our Canopy Garden Room, such as the useful downlighting and integrated decking area. However it is subtly different; the enclosed decking to the sides of the Concave Garden Room transform it into a much more private space, making it the perfect treatment room for your home business. Whether you're looking for a small room or a larger space, the Concave Room offers you a stunning, modern looking building with additional privacy and seclusion.

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Border Garden Room

Our Border Garden Room is a luxurious space with a striking powder-coated metal trim surrounding the entrance to the building. The border, which gives this style of garden room its name, is available in white, light grey, dark grey or black. With an optional decking area and large doors allowing the maximum amount of light into the garden building, it is the perfect space for those who want to look out on their beautiful garden. Offering an extremely flexible space, the Border Garden Room can be whatever you want it to be.

Specification and Prices
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