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What Can Garden Studios Be Used For?

Garden studios are becoming an increasingly popular option when it comes to gaining more space around your home.

There are so many ways in which you could use a garden room like this but today we are going to cover the studio side of things.

Use Garden Studios For Art

Having the space in which to keep all of your art supplies is one dream but to have an entire studio for your work? Well that’s something else, isn’t it? A garden room can provide you with the light and airy feel you need, the relaxing atmosphere in order to be able to concentrate and focus as well as a tranquil space in which to draw on your inspiration. Just imagine having your easel set up right by the bright bi-folding doors. How about shelving across the walls for your paints and brushes? A Sofa for relaxation time and a kitchenette so you can stay in your studio all day long if you wish.

Garden studio - Portrait of young beautiful middle age white Caucasian woman artist drawing painting in art studio with acrylic paints on canvas. Lifestyle activity hobby concept

A Place To Create Music

Having instruments in the home can be such a lovely hobby, the rooms fill with music, your creativity can flow but unfortunately, not all family members may appreciate this and neither will some neighbours. Music is a time dependant hobby and as a musician myself, I have found that daytime playing is perfectly acceptable but into the evening can become an issue. Garden studios can provide the perfect area for this because along with insulation you could also ask for soundproofing to be applied to the walls and ceiling. This is especially useful if someone in your family plays the drums or is a budding DJ! You don’t even have to opt for one of the largest garden studios on the market, you could easily purchase a smaller one and still have room for that drum kit or piano.

Practice Yoga In Your Garden Studio

Practising yoga in a busy, noisy house, with little space can kinda defeat the object. What you want is a dedicated room in which you can achieve your zen and carry out your exercise routine. Garden studios have so much natural light which is why they make the ideal space for a workout such as yoga. As you need a lovely flat floor area you don’t really even have to think too hard about decor. If you wanted to add mirrors on the walls and an air conditioning unit, this can easily be achieved as could shelving or cupboard space for your equipment. The best part will come on those lovely summer days when you can open the doors and spill your workout out onto the decking or lawn.

yoga in garden studios

A Purpose Built Dance Studio

If you are a dancer you will know that hiring a studio each time you need to rehearse your piece or practise new moves can become quite costly but dancing around in your living room doesn’t really provide the right environment, does it? Having the luxury of being able to dance at home, in front of full-length mirrors with a sprung floor and the space to fill with your moves would make life so much easier. And this is where a garden studio will really benefit you. When you order your building you will be able to specify your needs, ask for quotes on those extras such as the flooring and explain how much space you will require. From here, your bespoke dance studio can be drawn up for you to review. It is an investment that is worthwhile if your hobby is your passion and your life.

relaxation in garden studios

Relax And Unwind In Your Meditation Studio

Imagine having a room in your home that heals your mind, body and soul…  Wouldn’t it be amazing?! A room that allows you to escape the daily stresses of life and one in which to find a little peace and escapism.  A meditation studio will give you a place to do exactly this, however, you will need a space that will immediately make you feel good, one that has plenty of natural light and no distractions. Inside the home, this can often be difficult to find but if you moved your studio out into the garden you may well find that tranquillity you’ve been looking for. I think one of the best parts of this is getting yourself closer to nature. Taking yourself away from the TV and housework and out to the smells of the garden and the sounds of the birds. Nothing more perfect for meditating in really, is there? Add in the space to have cushions on the floor, a stereo for your calming music, large bi-folding doors for light and insulation to keep you warm and you have the perfect meditation studio right on your doorstep.

A hobby needs to work for you in order for you to continue to enjoy it and a garden studio can provide the most perfect setting for all of your needs.

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