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garden trends for 2021

Revealed: Garden Trends We Are Set To See During 2021

With the weather finally on the turn and the spring flowers starting to bloom, it is time to begin planning what changes you may want to make to your garden. Here are the hottest garden trends we are set to see this year…

Bringing the Indoors Out

We’ve seen this trend in more recent years and it is set to continue for the foreseeable. Making your garden area a cosy place in which to relax by using what are normally interior items allows you to merge your home with your garden and to seamlessly extend your overall look making your home feel larger and more desirable. Think about adding a coffee table, cushions and throws, mirrors, rugs and a variety of lighting to achieve your preferred look.

Outdoor Cooking and Dining

This ties in nicely with the above trend because, if you are choosing to enjoy the outdoors more and you have a comfy space to relax in, the next natural step is to incorporate your outdoor cooking and dining into this. Outdoor ovens, brick BBQ’s, pizza ovens, a beer and wine fridge maybe even an outdoor bar are all proving to grow in popularity.

Outdoor kitchen garden trends

Garden Cinema

And to complete your homely, outdoor experience why not think about having a garden cinema; the ultimate in cool garden trends? This can be very simply done with the use of a portable screen or even a large white sheet tied onto a pergola and using a projector to show the film from. This is a great way of ending an evening of entertainment or to chill with the kids.

Garden Room

Garden rooms have and are continuing to grow in popularity (lockdown living and working has been a large contributor to this fact) and we aren’t expecting to see this changing just yet. As more and more people are discovering that it is possible to work from home, to exercise from home, to have a space separate from the house for their hobbies, the garden room trend is hotter than ever! The great thing is that this is an investment that will pay off for years to come and one that can even add value to your home should you come to sell it. A modern garden room comes in a variety of sizes and styles which means that even a small garden can easily accommodate one, allowing everybody to benefit from this garden trend.

Cottage Garden

The cottage garden look has been around for years and it’s not hard to see why. It is quaint, inviting, warm and colourful and it really entices you to get outside. Choose bee loving plants such as lavender, sunflowers, wysteria, honeysuckle and poppies to help to bring your garden to life. Surround these with a mixture of plants in different heights and scents to create that stunning cottage garden look. If your garden has space for a tree, a classic apple tree or cherry blossom will really set the tone for this trend. And don’t forget your pots, planters and garden decor to provide plenty of interest.

Grow Your Own

We’ve all become far more aware of the impact that plastic, shipping foods and not buying sustainably has been having on our environment and, due to this, we have seen an increase in people using space in their gardens to grow their own fruit and veg. What once may have seemed like a chore has become a joy and an achievement.

Fun For The Kids

Play areas for children were once ugly, plastic-filled spaces that would ruin the overall look of a garden. Today, we see quite the opposite with the use of wooden mud kitchens, wooden climbing frames, kids gardens, sensory gardens, outdoor blackboards, wood chip floorings, wooden sandpits and gorgeous water play stations. Instead of hiding this away or pushing it all to one side, make your kids play area a feature of your garden. Tie it in with the theme using similar colours, flowers and materials and fully embrace the investigative play that a garden can bring.

We hope that some of these garden trends for 2021 have given you some food for thought and inspiration for how to create a garden space that you will love.

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