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Garden Trends for 2023

Three Utterly Gorgeous Garden Trends for 2023 You Have To Try

There are several themes that feature strongly in this year’s garden trends. The great thing is, the garden trends for 2023 don’t even require particularly green fingers.

All you really need is an eye for design and a few nods to the key trends.

This year you can expect to see even more people taking an interest in their garden. It’s pegged to be the year of staying home by choice and entertaining.

As living costs rise, people still want to socialise but would rather take it in turns hosting their friends and family.

Top Garden Trends 2023

Below are some of the most prominent garden trends of 2023. These trends lean towards saving money and spending more time with those you love.

Growing Your Own Food

Since the price of food is soaring, it’s becoming more popular than ever to grow your own food. From plants that thrive in greenhouses such as chillies and tomatoes, to veggies that like to be outdoors like carrots and pumpkins.

It’s very on-trend to grow your own food and cook from scratch. People are much more careful about what goes into their bodies these days, so home-grown food is having a moment. 

Not only is it incredibly rewarding to be able to eat what you grow, it has lots of health benefits and works out cheaper in the long run.

If you’re unsure where to start, or worry you can’t commit, why not start with a herb garden on your windowsill?

A Garden Bar

With entertaining at home replacing the popularity of going down the pub, it makes sense that garden bars are taking off.

While having a garden bar has been a popular desire for several years, people are taking it up a notch. Instead of having a wooden stand-alone bar in their garden, they are building dedicated rooms.

If you haven’t got a garage you can convert, building a garden bar room will wow your guests.

Whatever type of room you set up as a garden bar, remember to try and soundproof it. You don’t want angry neighbours if you’re playing music and drinking late into the night.

Garden Trends for 2023

Steps to Rewild Your Garden

Rewilding has been a topic of conversation for the past couple of years. This practice involves carefully curating a more natural garden. 

Thankfully this doesn’t mean letting your garden go fully wild. Instead, it’s time to take a break from mowing the lawn and weeding. You can do this over your whole lawn, or just a small area. 

Rewilding can help improve natural ecosystems and habitats, which in turn can conserve species of animals an plants. 

If you love seeing pollinators in your garden, consider catering to them specifically. Bees and butterflies are lovely to see in a a garden, so look into having plants that will attract them.

Fragrant flowers are popular with pollinators and guests alike. They will look and smell lovely, attracting insects during the day, and perfume your evenings of entertaining friends when the sun goes down.

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