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Garden Trends - plant pot wall

5 Garden Trends Which Are Set To Make This Summer Soar!

Summer is just around the corner and with the change in weather comes a change in how we view our gardens. Now is the time to plan, to set up your great ideas and to create an outdoor space you will love to be in. Here are some of the garden trends that will be making a big stamp this summer.

Sustainable Gardening

The focus on living more sustainably has grown in the last year or so and many people are looking for more and more ways in which to be able to support this. If you have a garden, this is one of the best places you can create a longterm change which should also reward you as well as the environment. So, how do you create a sustainable garden?

  • Collect water using water butts
  • Grow your own fruit and veg
  • Compost
  • Plant perennial flowers
  • Plant native flowers and plants
  • Plant trees
  • Build a bug hotel
  • Create a wildflower lawn or keep one area wild

All of these steps will bring you a wonderfully active garden full of birds and bees, it will provide you with what you need to take care of it, it will give back by helping to feed you and it will all continue all year round.

Garden Hideaway

Your garden can easily become your haven, your getaway from the real world, and a place to reflect on the day. A hideaway could come in the shape of a simple summerhouse, a garden cabin, a decked area hidden by a trellis, a secret corner that is surrounded by trees and plants, you can really let your imagination run away with you here and create a hideaway that you will be excited to step into. Additional extras you may want to consider include a water feature, wind chimes, large plants and flowers, solar lights and heaters if you will be sitting outside and plenty of home comforts such as cushions and throws.

Garden trends - plant pots

Pots and Containers

Pots and containers are a great way to bring your garden to every area of your outdoor space. If you only have a small garden but have a patio or decking, you can create the illusion of having a larger garden by using a wide variety of pots and containers to add colour, flowers, greenery or to even grow your own in. If you have a garden with walls, why not think about vertical planting, using containers on brackets to break up the brickwork and to add more interest? You can also add window boxes to your home and to your garden room, pop containers around your pond and create a wall of small shrubs around the perimeter of a seating area. The more you can fit in, the better in this summer garden trend.

Upcycling Garden Trends

Upcycling, making your own and adding a lick of paint is one of the biggest garden trends right now. This also ties in with the sustainability aspect – making do rather than buying new. Pallets into planters, seating or for growing veg. Taking old furniture and giving it a new lease of life with some repairs and paint. Looking for items others are throwing out and making use of them in your own garden are all perfect examples of how upcycling can give you a new look for little money and effort but at the same time, will look brilliant and unique.

Play Zones

One of the biggest ways in which gardening is going to be big this year is by getting the whole family involved. With more of us staying at home and enjoying the space we are fortunate to have, the more we need to use this to allow all to have fun. Zoning your garden into different areas for each person is the best way to achieve this and having play zones for the children will help to keep them happy, active, and enjoying nature. Mud kitchens, sandpits and climbing frames are all set to be a big part of gardens this summer, and if you can make your own, even better!

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