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Gardening Around Your Garden Cabin in The Summer

Summer is the time for your garden to come into full bloom. It is the time when everything comes to life and you begin to see your outdoor space buzzing with life but how do you create a beautiful garden that you can enjoy all summer and how do you incorporate your gardening around your garden cabin? Here we take a look at some simple tips to help you on your way to creating an idyllic space.

The Lawn

Before beginning to plan a garden, you should first start with a clear area and that means mowing the lawn to a manageable length. This will provide you with a clear view of what you have, where beds could be added, where you’d like height from plants and where your focal areas will be.

Bed Digging

Now you can begin to plan out your flower beds. Take a look at what space you have around your garden cabin and plan on paper what design you’d like to create. Perhaps you love symmetry? In that case, think straight lines, perhaps raised beds and plan where the flowers will sit. If you’d like a wilder type garden, dig your beds out in wavy shapes, allow them to come out into the garden and go back towards the garden cabin in a sporadic way. 

Preparing the Ground

In order to give your plants and flowers the best start, you will want to fully prepare the ground before you begin planting. Dig the bed, turn the soil, remove any large stones/rocks/debris, use a fork to break up large solid parts and then add a rich compost to mix into this. 

Gardening Around Your Garden Cabin in The Summer


Now comes the fun part– planting your chosen flowers! You will probably have a preference to what type of plants and flowers you like the look of but our biggest tip here would be to check which will stick around all year round. You don’t want to be doing this year after year, you don’t want a season with bare beds and you certainly don’t want to be spending out too much. Perennials are hardy plants and flowers which will provide you with greenery, bloom and interest throughout the year and which need very little care. 

If you want organised planting, make each bed mirror the other, plant your flowers in symmetrical ways and stick to low plants that won’t grow out of control. If you’d rather a more wild garden, plan your planting by mixing taller plants with smaller ones, using grassy plants for movement, wildflower bombs to give you a wild meadow look and just allow this to grow as and where it wants. If you have some very shady areas around your garden cabin, make sure you do plenty of research to work out which plants could survive this the best. 


Once your planting is complete, you must water those new plants and flowers in well. On a hot day, you may want to think about watering twice a day in order to give them a fighting chance, if not, once a day should be sufficient. 

Natural Pest Control

If slugs and snails are a problem for your garden, try sprinkling some sand, sawdust or broken eggshells around the base of your plants. They cannot get over textures like these and will quickly retreat! 

Deadheading and Trimming

To keep your plants and flowers continually growing throughout the summer season, make sure you keep a close eye on how they are growing and when flowers die. A lot of flowers wilt, seem to die off but will then come back. To aid this, you can do what is called deadheading which is basically removing the head of the flower in order to encourage that new growth faster. Other plants may require regular trimming to keep them tidy but to also help with growth. Lavender is a popular choice of perennial for a lot of gardens but if left unattended it can quickly get out of control. You should look to cut their flowers right back twice a year. Not only will this provide you with some gorgeous fresh lavender to use in a variety of ways, it will also help to control the plant. You see, lavender likes to focus on growing and if you leave flowers on it all year round it focusses it’s energy somewhere else– on the roots. How often do you see lavender plants which look as though they are climbing out of the ground? Quite common, isn’t it? This is where the plant has been left to its own devices. By trimming away it’s flowers, the plant has to focus on growing those again, which means it ignores its roots and maintains its nice shape. Research into your plants is vital in keeping your garden looking amazing at all times.

Planting on The Garden Cabin

Your final touch for gardening around your garden cabin could be to add window boxes, planters, pots or climbers to the outside of the cabin itself. This will bring your garden and building together and tie everything in nicely to make it look as though it has always been apart of your outdoor space. 

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