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Gardening Jobs For The Spring

Top Gardening Jobs For You To Do This Spring

With Spring just around the corner it is time to look at which gardening jobs can be carried out right now.

Clear Leaves

We covered a lot of tips in a previous blog on gardening in the winter and keeping on top of the leaves was included but it can be a pretty tedious job which you could easily end up doing each day. So, it is inevitable that come the Spring, you will still be tackling this. It is important to do this though as leaves will prevent sunlight from reaching the soil and plants which can lead to damage. Also, make sure that you clear your lawn and pathways.

Dead Heading

Take some time to check which flowers and plants have had their day and need removing and which need to just simply have their heads removed to make way for new blooms. You should also tend to any perennials that have become clumped together. You can separate, lift and divide these, tidy them up and they will make a great comeback.


The main part of prepping your garden in the Spring ready for those beautiful Summer blooms is by clearing and tidying, and after a wet winter, those pesky weeds will be rife. Once they are removed and your beds are tidied up you’ll be able to see what you have been left with and make plans for your next garden plants.


Turning the soil will help to remove those weeds, to take away any moss plus it will enable you to add fresh compost. By mixing and turning this into the soil you will be ensuring that your current and new plants will receive the nutrients they need.


Spring can be a great time for sowing seeds. Take a look at what you have collected and plan when you will need to sow them. If you have a big area and aren’t sure how to plant it up, seed bombs are a wonderful way of getting a natural wildflower look with little effort.

Gardening Jobs For The Spring


This is the perfect time for pruning hedges and bushes, removing loose branches and getting everything back into shape.


The winter will always leave its mark and that is usually in the form of a green layer across most things: pots, patio, decking, walls and so on. A quick power wash should sort this out in no time.

Other areas you will probably want to clean and tidy up will include guttering, windows, greenhouse and garden rooms.

On The Drier/Warmer Days

As those drier and warmer days move in you can begin to think about what may need a lick of paint, varnishing, fixing and tending to. Most fences become weather damaged during the winter and will need some maintenance in the Spring, on top of this your decking will probably need a fresh covering of oil or stain as will a wooden garden room. By cleaning and protecting these you will be helping to sustain the quality of them for much longer.

Get Planting

And the final part of gardening jobs for the Spring is to get your newly chosen plants and flowers potted and bedded in. There is plenty of time in which to do this so it is best to work more towards the end of Spring ready for Summer to ensure that your garden will be in full bloom right when you want to be outside to enjoy it!

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