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Gardening Jobs To Do In December

Gardening Jobs To Do In December

December can feel like a pretty quiet time for gardening but carrying out vital jobs such as protecting plants, vegetables and maintaining buildings will ensure that your garden will be far easier to manage come the spring. Here are some gardening jobs to do in December that will keep everything ticking over nicely.


Move any delicate pots to a safe place or cover them over.

Move plants that don’t do well in frost to a shed or greenhouse.

Check climbers are securely attached to the wall/trellis etc.

Store garden furniture away in a shed or garage.

Cover up your outdoor kitchen.

Completely empty your hose of water and store away.

Turn off outside taps and insulate them.

Repair fences and apply a good wood preservative.

Turn your compost heap. If it seems a little too wet also add some dry paper or cardboard to help to balance it out. You can also cover the top to prevent further issues.

Gardening Jobs To Do In December


Dig up weeds and turn soil in flower beds.

Cover exposed soil with netting if cats are a bit of a problem in your garden.

Clear leaves from paths and grass.

Avoid stepping on your grass as much as possible at this time of year.

Avoid cutting the grass if possible. If it is particularly dry and could do with a tidy up, only cut on the highest setting.

Spread fresh gravel around your alpines.

Power wash your paths and patio/decking areas.


Plants that can be pruned now include Wisteria, Japanese Maples, climbing Roses and so on.

Tidy bushes and trees but don’t go overboard.

Check your strawberry plants for any rot or disease. You may need to remove any that will affect next year’s plants.

This is a perfect time to prune any fruit trees that you may have in your garden.

Vegetable Patch

Check for pests and aphids.

Lift your veg such as parsnips and leeks that will not do well in frozen soil.

Dig your empty borders and fertilise the soil.

Protect crops you can continue to grow/harvest using straw or fleece.

Check you netting for any damage and ensure it is securely fixed and will cope in heavy winds.

Cover clay soil to prevent it from becoming waterlogged.

Outdoor Buildings

Give your greenhouse a thorough clear out and clean.

Wash your greenhouse windows and check for any cracks or chips.

Repair any damage to your shed’s walls or roof.

Protect your shed and garden room with a good wood preservative.

Check your garden room roof for any damage or water and moss build up.

Clear any gutters your outdoor buildings may have.

Check the security of all of your outdoor buildings.

Check outdoor security lights or install some if need be.


Keep bird feeders topped up.

Make a bug hotel.

Purchase a hedgehog house.

Put up a bird box.

And don’t forget that you can also do a few important things from the comfort of your home including planning out next year’s seeds, any changes you’d like to make, essential updates, which vegetables you’d like to grow and how you’d like to make your garden grow.

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