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9 Simple Steps to Help You to Get Your Garden Spring Ready

It may still be the winter months but spring is just around the corner and now is the perfect time to get your garden organised and planned for the upcoming warmer months. If you want an outdoor space that will be pretty yet functional, full of flowers and life, one that will provide an area for everybody to enjoy then this is how you can get your garden spring ready in just 9 simple steps.

Winter Clear Up

Get yourself all wrapped warm and head out right now to begin a good winter clear up of your garden. In order for those spring flowers to bloom you need to remove fallen leaves which will now be covering a lot of the ground. When these become wet and soggy they stick to the soil and can affect how the plants will grow. You will require a good pair of gardening gloves, a kneeling pad plus a lot of patience but it is a job you will be pleased you did earlier on once the spring arrives.

Pull Those Weeds

Yes, those annoying weeds still pop up during the winter and if the weather has been wet and mild you may well be seeing rather a lot right now. By keeping on top of them you will be able to banish them for good come spring/summertime.

Prepare Your Beds

Once you have nice clear beds again and can see the soil, take a look at how everything is faring. Turning the soil using a fork, sifting out any large stones or hidden weeds with a handheld rake whilst checking if there are any garden pests that need removing and then fertilising it will ensure that your flower beds will be on their way to being the perfect environment for new growth. Also, take this time to tidy up the edges by cutting back any overhanging grass and by reshaping the beds.

Check Your Lawn

Those pesky leaves will most probably be laying all across your lawn too and these will also need raking away. Once cleared, check how your lawn is doing since the weather became wetter and colder. Take note of any areas that you think may benefit from some TLC come the spring. You will need the grass to be drier, with no chance of frost before tending to a lawn with seeds or new turf so leave this job until a little later on. On a clear, dry day you can trim your lawn but do not over cut it as this will affect how it will grow in the future. Use the highest setting on your lawnmower to just tidy it up for now. These jobs are all about getting your garden spring ready so not everything will need full action.

9 Simple Steps to Help You to Get Your Garden Spring Ready


The end of winter is the perfect time to get outside and to prune those summer bloomers. Remove anything that is dead to allow them to regenerate in the warmer months. Note, always check when your plants require this as each species can vary.

Plan Your Flowers

When things have died off and settled down for winter you are left with a blank canvas which may seem a bit dreary to some but you can actually use this to your favour because it is the perfect time to plan from scratch. If you have previously used seasonal flowers perhaps now is the time to consider perennials instead? Think about areas you’d like to highlight, areas that may need hiding by climbers or trees, maybe where you can add some window boxes or large planters and which part of the garden will be your feature area. You have until spring to lay down some plans and create a garden design that you’ll love.

Get Making!

There is nothing better than being able to say that you made or built something yourself, so if your garden does need some extra flower planters or window boxes why not make these yourself? It works out far cheaper doing it this way and you will be able to make something that will fit in perfectly with your window size or shape of your garden. Come the warmer months you will be over-prepared and have everything already in place ready to create a beautiful spring garden. 

Garden Buildings

Don’t forget to also check the state of any garden buildings you may have. Check for rotting wood, moss, leaks, window damage and get those repairs done now to prevent further problems come the spring. If your garden room/shed has seen better days it may be the best time to start planning a new build. Modern garden rooms are far more substantial than your usual garden shed, they are fully insulated so can be used all year round and can be used in any way that you wish. They are a great addition to any garden and can even add value to your home too! 

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Remove that Green!

And finally, get that power washer out and start removing that green. You know the stuff, that slimy covering across the patio, moss on the walls, dirt on flower pots, all of these can be washed away at any point in the year but by doing it during the winter you will be preventing a bigger job come the spring. Once it builds up it can take hours to wash away so keeping on top of a job like this will make life far easier and will lead to a manageable spring garden. 

We hope our tips to get your garden spring ready will help you to achieve a stunning outdoor area this year. 

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