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Get the most from your small garden room

How To Get The Most Out of Your Small Garden Room

Garden Rooms have become a big trend in recent years mostly because homeowners have been looking for more ways in which to expand their living space. It is a simple way of adding that valuable space -whatever you need it for – in a cost-effective way. While many of us would love one of these stunning garden rooms, one thing that can really put some people off is the fact that UK gardens tend to be quite small. This lack of space in our gardens can leave many of us thinking it has little potential but in actual fact, small gardens can be cleverly utilised if the space is planned out well and that means a garden room is most definitely a possibility. One of our smaller garden rooms is ideal for those with tiny gardens and will slot nicely into a corner without being overbearing, the only thing you will have to think about is how you can make the most of your small garden room but don’t worry because we have some great ideas for you here…

Good Planning

Good planning is key to getting the most out of your small garden room. When you’re choosing the design of your garden room, think very carefully about what you will want to use it for. Perhaps it will be a home office or a home gym? A dining room or reading nook? It could even be a cinema room or a gaming room. Another aspect to consider is whether you would also want this to be a multi-functional room i.e. you can easily change up the use with a few swaps/furniture move around and so on. If this is the case you will want to carefully consider how you would use every part of this interior space.

Furnishings For Your Small Garden Room

Your next port of call is to think about how to best furnish your small garden room. To truly maximise the space, think about opting for items that could be pulled up, folded away, hidden in corners or stored etc in order to provide you with a functional, practical and space-saving room. Folding tables and chairs are a great idea as are extendable tables, ample storage for any office or sports equipment and hooks for hanging items up.

Get the most from your small garden room

If you wanted to add comfy chairs and sofas, look for small styles, not big and chunky as you don’t want these to dominate the room. Also choose furniture that could double up as several things, for example, a large table would be perfect for homeschooling and then could be used for dining in the evening.

Light and Airy

We all know that dark colours can make a room feel smaller so to ensure that your small garden room feels welcoming as well as light and airy, choose light colours for the interior walls. White may sound a little daunting but it will allow natural light to bounce off the walls and give the impression of more space. Other shades to consider would be creams and pastel colours that would look pretty without being “too much”.

Let The Light In

Following on nicely from the above, natural light is key in helping a small garden room to feel much larger than it is. Most Garden Rooms will feature a set of French or bi-fold doors and some windows, but you can always discuss with us how we can create more light for your building and we can use our design tool to come up with a bespoke look.

Clever Accessories

And lastly, in order to make the most of your garden room, you will want to add some clever accessories to help to bring your look together, to make the room feel homely but to also create the idea of more space. One genius way of helping with light and space is to add mirrors to the walls which will reflect natural light around your small garden room. You don’t need to go overboard, in fact just one large mirror on a wall will do the trick. Tall corner lamps or wall lights will help to maximise on the light without taking up too much room. Then add just a few of your favourite art pieces, trinkets, keepsakes etc keeping the look as minimal as possible so not to clutter this space but to just bring some interest. Think minimalistic, classy and airy.

Once you get your designs perfected you will be left with a functional and stunning small garden room that the whole family can make the most of.

If you’d like to talk to us about creating your own building for your garden, get in contact here today.

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