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Ways to Make The Most Out of Your Garden Room

When you invest in a new build like a garden room, you really want to make the most of it in order to get your money’s worth. Most people choose just one function for their garden room but to really make the best use of it, how about considering a few of these ideas instead?

Day Office to Night Bar

If you need a home office then a garden room is perfect for this but to get the most out of it, why not transform it at night into a home bar? But how do you go about this? Planning your space is key here. Decide on the area that you’ll require for a desk, printer, scanner and so on and create this office space as a compact section that can be cleverly packed away into a cupboard when not in use. This will help to protect your work and equipment whilst you use your garden room as a bar and it will also help to forget about work when you want to unwind and enjoy yourself.

For the bar, this could be hidden away during the day inside a large cabinet and pull out in the evening for entertainment purposes. Other really simple additions could be dimmer switches to go from office lights to low-level lights, a music system for calming sounds in the day and fun tunes at night and don’t forget to add some comfy seats or a small sofa for your guests to relax on. By carefully thinking about what both uses would need you can really get the most of your garden room both during the day and at night.

Dance Studio to Dining Room

If you use your garden room for activities such as dance or yoga, your main requirement from this is floor space. This will allow you to have plenty of slots by the walls for furniture and chairs. A folding dining table with chairs could easily be tucked away during the day and then brought out in the evening to create a lovely dining room for your family and guests to enjoy. Add a few homely touches, create ambience with lanterns and candles, some soft furnishings to make it more comfortable and you will have one versatile garden room that can be used at any time of day.

Teenagers Den to Entertainment Room

If you have a teen who needs more space to have friends over, to play in a band, to game etc then a garden room is an ideal option. They can keep their noise and mess away from the house, they can enter via the garden gate, they will have everything they need in one place and you will know exactly where they are. Come the evening, this space could easily become an adult entertainment room if you deck it out right. A pool table or football table, arcade games, computer games, a music system and home cinema screen would all be popular with the teens after school and your adult friends in the evenings or at the weekends. It’ll become THE place to be!

Sectioning Your Garden Room

A garden room can be ideal for all of the family to use and by sectioning areas, everyone can get their use out of it each and every day. A few ideas you may want to play with include a homeschooling section with an office for an adult, a relaxation station and an art corner. You could also think about a play area, with a yoga area, a music section and a games section. No matter what the hobby or job, you could all benefit from this space with the use of screens, partitioned walls, curtains or strategically placed bookcases/furniture.

Creating Two Work Rooms

If both you and your partner work from home, you could both use your garden room and still get the privacy and space you require by turning the one large room into two rooms. A partitioned wall is the easiest option here as it will give you the flexibility to change your garden room in the future if needs be. This will help you to make the most of the one building without any extra large building work.

If you work closely with your garden room company and plan your build carefully to incorporate a wide range of uses you can truly make the most of your garden room and everyone can benefit from having it.

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