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Interior Style Ideas for Glass Garden Rooms – Be Inspired!

Glass garden rooms are always a joy to decorate – they usually are filled with light and give the illusion of far bigger dimensions than they possess. This means they lend themselves well to a ‘light and airy’ style of interior design. Other interior styles are easy to adapt for this type of room, massively increasing your choices.

Interior design is about so much more than the look of a room. The style of decor and furniture can change the mood, ambience and feel of the space. Get it wrong, and the room might become repellent instead of inviting. 

Glass Garden Rooms Interior Inspiration

Choosing how to decorate glass garden rooms needn’t be a difficult job. Certain types of interior design are used time and time again in this setting. If you prefer to put a more unique twist on things, there are subtle ways to make your garden room stand out.

Don’t over think it. Interior design is meant to feel fun and creative. If it loses its fun, you might as well take a step back and keep the interior plain.

A few things to remember about glass garden rooms

When it comes to glass garden rooms, it’s important to remember a few important points. Due to glass garden rooms having a lot of (you guessed it) glass, they can get hot rather quickly. Ensuring the room is properly ventilated is essential for summer comfort.

The glass can also magnify the sun’s rays and fade furniture, rugs and flooring if they are exposed too long. Invest in window blinds for when the room isn’t in use so the sun can’t do too much damage.

Blinds glass garden rooms

French Interiors

Garden rooms are usually made with French doors, so why not go the whole hog with your French interior! 

French is one of the easier design themes to pull off. Thankfully the French like their rooms to look effortlessly chic – emphasis on the effortless. The key thing to remember is not to look as if you’ve tried too hard. It’s fine if you’ve put in a lot of effort, it’s just essential that no one knows you did!

Mix vintage with new and mix in the odd bold colour. Keep things clutter-free but add to your decor one piece at a time to remain authentic.


Glass rooms lend themselves well to minimalist designs. The light, airy nature of lots of windows make all spaces look bigger, especially empty ones. Keep the space and the colours very simple. Don’t overdo the furniture and steer clear of busy patterns.

When you look at the room it should feel sparse but inviting. If it feels cold and bare then you’ve gone too far, have a quick look in Pinterest for ways to soften the look.

Don’t Rule Out Dark Colours

Wintry tones can have a life outside the wintry months. Dark tones can create an atmospheric backdrop to a room you enjoy entertaining in. Just because people expect a glass garden room to be decorated in light colours, but don’t be afraid to go against the grain.

Aim for deep, rich tones with lots of highlights – a splash of colour never hurt anyone. It might be helpful to accessorise with lamps and metal accessories to reflect the light.

If it’s your first time experimenting with dark tones, don’t get too brave too early. Look at colours in slightly lighter tones with neutral elements. This makes it easier to accessorise with lighter colours if the dark tones chosen are too overbearing.

However you choose to decorate your new garden room, get lots of ideas together before taking the plunge.

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