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Why a Glass Summer House Isn’t Just for Summer

A glass summer house conjures images of afternoon tea in the august heat. The name suggests this type of garden room is only destined for sunny summer afternoons but it has so much more to offer! Modern garden buildings are suitable for year round use – which makes them a great investment.

Once you’ve found your forever home and are comfortable with the inside, branching out into a garden room is a common step. Glasses summer houses are a favourite choice. They provide a versatile room and upgrade your property with minimal upheaval.

Below are some great reasons to invest an a glass summer house and why you can enjoy it all year round.

Why a Glass Summer House is Perfect for Every Season

Enjoy your summer house in every season with these great reasons why they’re not just for the summer months.

A modern glass summer house will be insulated

If you’re having a summer house built, it’s always best to opt for one with insulation. This ensures you really can use it all year round. When you have an insulated summer house, it keeps the heat in really well so once it’s warm it stays warm. This is great for those cooler days!

glass summer house

It will also have electricity and heating

If you’re going for an insulated summer house, it makes sense to opt for heating and electricity. This means your summer house is usable on even the coldest days, and when the nights draw in, you’ll have power to put the lights on an even watch TV!

Even if you’re entertaining in the summer, when darkness falls, temperatures can drop quickly. It can be handy to migrate from the chilly garden to the warm, light summer house when that happens.

It’s a great multipurpose room

A summer house can be used for anything. Need somewhere quiet to work for a few hours? The summer house is a great place to get it done! Hosting a festive games night? Do it in your summer house! Heat the room, get the lights on and let the fun begin!

Having friends over to your spend time in your garden room is a great change of scenery. If you have teens, setting up a games console in there might be the best thing you do. Reclaiming your TV after giving your teens their own sitting room is a great feeling. You can always borrow the room back when you want somewhere quiet to have a drink and a catch up with friends.

A place to enjoy nature

British gardens are often brimming with nature – in every season! During the spring you can relax in the summer house and enjoy the seasonal sprouting of plants. By summer when they’re in full bloom, you might enjoy observing the wildlife they attract. As autumn sets in the whole look of your garden changes and small woodland animals might visit for supplies. It’s not unusual to spot a squirrel or two before the winter sets in. If you’re lucky enough to get a dusting of snow, your garden will turn into a twinkling wonderland, making you feel extra cosy as you sit in your summer house with a warm drink in hand.

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