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heating a garden room

Heating a Garden Room Effectively When It’s Cold Outside

It’s brass monkeys out there at the moment and the garden isn’t very inviting. If you don’t have heating in your garden room, then when the temperatures are this low it can make it unusable as a home office or leisure space.

Options for heating a garden room

The first thing is to make sure that your garden room is insulated. There’s no point heating a garden room if it won’t retain the heat; it’ll be very expensive and you’ll end up cold anyway. Our garden rooms all come with insulation as standard so your heat won’t just escape!

Next up, you have to consider the method of heating up your garden room. Here are some option.

Oil filled radiators

An oil-filled electric radiator is a freestanding radiator which plugs into the wall. You use electricity to heat up the oil which keeps warm even when they’ve been switched off.

Electric radiators

Looking much like the gas radiators inside most modern homes, electric radiators can take a little while to heat up initially but are a good option for heating a garden room as they can be temperature controlled via a thermostat and plug timer, meaning you don’t have to physically turn the heating on when you want to use your office. This obviously relies on having electricity in your garden room.

Wood burning stove

A traditional wood burning stove can’t half kick out some heat; more than enough to fill your garden room and make it warm and cosy.

However, you must get a stove professionally installed which includes fitting a chimney flue, which can be pricey, and there is the ongoing cost of wood to fuel your wood burning stove. It also can’t be turned on and off easily like a radiator can.

Heating a Garden Room Effectively When It's Cold Outside

Air con

One of the more expensive options to fit and to run, an air con unit has the benefit of also being used to cool down your office in the summer when it’s too hot. Things to consider in addition to the price are the noise (although new air con units are not as noisy as they once were) and where it can be positioned; there will be an external unit on one side of your garden room.

Underfloor heating

Some people choose to add underfloor heating to a garden room when in the design phase; to retrofit this can be costly and disruptive. It’s a fairly expensive option, but having warm toes in the middle of winter is pure luxury.

Convection heaters

Convection heaters are ever so quick at heating a garden room. They are pretty expensive if you keep running them, but can quickly heat up a room and turn themselves off when they reach the desired temperature. The best thing about them is you don’t need to put them on hours before you want the space to be heated.

Solar power

If being eco-friendly is important to you, and you like the idea of low running costs, then solar power heating might be the thing for you. Solar panels are installed which contain tubes. These warm up in the sun and then use this to heat up your space. It works by installing special tubes onto your garden room roof which collect water and warm up in the sun. Obviously this is reliant on having a sunny garden and must have professional insulation.

Don’t forget the blankets!

Of course heating your space is the most obvious solution, but don’t discount how effective it is to put on extra layers and blankets if you’re working on your own in your garden room. It’s a lot cheaper and more environmentally friendly than using electricity or wood burners!

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