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Home and Garden Trend Predictions for 2018

With the new year upon us and an abundance of trends throughout 2017 – we were very keen to speak to a range interior designers, landscapers and gardeners about what we should expect to see in 2018.
The voices in our experts roundup range across the UK and all offer a variety of answers to suit even the most particular of tastes. Read on to see what the experts have to say in refreshing your home and garden decor this year.

As we move into 2018 we’re seeing a lot of trends continue, scandi-inspired designs are here to stay and bold, jewel-toned colours are the perfect accent to neutral colour schemes. Monochromes are going to be really popular this winter, with grey also appearing in a lot of collections. 
Ben Upham, Creative Design Manager Focal Point Fires

“Thanks to an increasing awareness of the value and importance of period properties, we are seeing more examples of beautifully preserved and adapted homes. It is building the appreciation of the visual, financial and social values of having a period property. That understanding is improving all the time and that can only inspire the next generation of homeowners. Our passion and diligence today will pass on to the next generation.”
Sarah Lathom, Interior Designer at Etons of Bath.

“Art & Lighting in gardens: I  feel that lighting has increased significantly over the last 10 years but that with the interest now is in more ‘art’ style items in gardens, lighting will become more and more important”.
Patricia Fox, MD of Aralia Garden Design

“Garden rooms and pergolas with roofs are popular, heating outdoors, either gas or a fire bowl is also commonly requested.  Often now we get asked to add outdoor kitchens and an outdoor TV.  It feels like finally we Brits are waking up to the amount of usable space outside those bi-fold or patio doors that can be transformed to make our living space larger”.  
Anna Barker, MD of Lush Garden Design

“Wabi-sabi will most probably be a leading decor trend for 2018. The purpose of this trend is to create a welcoming space that improves the quality of the communication between people. This translates into using organic, natural materials, pieces which are made with imperfections and embrace authenticity. It would steer the homeowners in the direction of finding unique combinations, blending textures and recycling for both interior and exterior spaces”. 
Katie Malik, MD of Katie Malik Interiors

“It is very clear that when the economy is not doing well, the creative world (design, fashion, media etc) are doing their best to compensate for it.
 The selected Pantone Colour of the Year for 2018 is Ultra Violet. Clearly this isn’t a discrete colour, but a bold, vibrant and dynamic one, which will work very well in interiors.
Mixed together with dark precious woods and metal finish details such as polished brass or polished copper, this can create some very luxurious interiors.
 For 2018, I can see the use of colours and texture following on from what we have seen in 2017. Although this isn’t always a good thing as in the past months, I have seen some particularly bad examples where this has been implemented in interiors, but increasingly people are willing to be adventurous and move away from cold monochrome schemes.
Texture and colours are going to be a big trend, stepping back to the eighties and early nineties when pop art was very popular from fashion to design, where we can see some character and personality.
 More and more people will start to use accessories, wallpaper and layers to create a cosy environment, far from always being always perfect but definitely something unique.”
 Maurizio Pellizoni, Interior Designer and MD of Maurizio Pellizoni

“I think the design emphasis will lean towards better planting styles featuring clipped and shaped plants which will perform the function of  green architecture 
Drama can be added with the right balance between the softer plants which add natural flow to the garden and those which are shaped ,sculpted and formed to emphasise the geometry  of the garden 
Keep it simple is my edict — design the garden and see how much you can take away is my motto – one of my favorite quotes is by Andy Warhol —“the simpler something is the better it is”
I have a planting rule– see how few species I need to design a garden– but the ones I use plant in large blocks or architectural groups using bold drifts of one plant when and where I can.
My own creative process is one of looking for the one good idea which will be the raison d’etre or the back bone of the garden
I don’t do cottage gardens they are too cluttered for my taste — they are a bit too messy and lack any real style My gardens are restrained and simple requiring little maintenance. I am not interested in lots of pretty flowers and colour just for the sake of it. I try to keep a simple plant palette and work with materials and plants which look natural in the environment I am given”.
Anthony Paul, MD of Anthony Paul Landscape Design

“2018 is going to see the rise of smart gardens. Once a system has been set up with plant monitors, wireless water valves and WiFi sensors linking everything together, you can control your plant’s habitats with the touch of a button. This isn’t a one-size-fits-all system and will take some tinkering and researching, but 2018 is going to see more contemporary gardeners embrace technology in a way unseen before. This will allow people to water plants, when their phone has alerted them that they need watering, from the comfort of their living room. This will be a way of managing the garden when on holiday, at work or when you simply can’t fit in the dedicated time that day. Couple this with the home growing revolution going on in the UK at the moment and consumers will be having their vegetables sprouting with ease.”
“The garden of 2018 is going to see a lot of design changes, but one that is important in a world where mental health is being discussed more is designing a tranquil setting. Expect more water features, crafted by local businesses with bespoke designs to create habitats for those taking care of their wellbeing. This pushes a design focus on peace and serenity in the garden and often helps to influence the alfresco dining areas that many desire. Luxury furniture and garden features that make up these peaceful outdoor dining areas are on the rise with more and more people buying these items as an investment for their home. With UK sales averaging an increase of 4% annually, barbeques and firepits are going to be on-trend for this coming summer, crafted with contemporary designs to help create a unique outdoor space for everyone.”
Andy Baxter, MD of Internet Gardener

“In 2018 I will expect to see the trend of getting away from it all and getting closer to nature continue. This will be reflected with lots plants and gorgeous textures, whether that’s soft and cosy with wool and faux fur or rough and raw, like exposed brick, concrete and untreated wood. Technology will become more and more hidden with TV’s that look like art, voice activation and the internet of things. Colours will also coordinate with the cosy natural home and will continue to be a deep hue; expect to see soft pinks, purples and metallics either contrasted with yellows or complimented with blues”.
Catherine A Muir, MD of Catherine A Muir Interior Design

With dark nights and mornings, adding some light to your garden is a great idea and using LED lamps can be a good option. They can prevent accidents caused by lack of light and they are perfect for creating the right atmosphere. LED fairy lights also look great on a fence and create a nice ambiance for when you are entertaining, or just looking outside.
The lights that will be making a splash next year will be ones that can be controlled by a remote device, allowing you to mix it up if you’ve got friends over!
Outdoor heaters are becoming increasingly popular and this is set to continue in 2018. Stylish heating systems can allow you to enjoy being outside throughout all seasons. With anything from a chimenea, to outdoor fireplaces there are tons of options to choose from. There’s nothing than sitting outside with friends.
Asian themed gardens are a classic style that will remain popular next year.
A Chinese themed fountain, following the Feng Shui concept, is a brilliant addition for a modern garden and one that we will be seeing in 2018.
As we have seen this year upscaling has become the favoured method to creating a nice garden, especially when it comes to water features. You can create a pond-in-a-pot, or use beer keg as a smaller water feature.
Purple is the colour for 2018 after Pantone named it its colour for the year.
Next year gardens will be filled with flowers berries and vegetation that are different shades of purple. With little gardening places in the cities, vertical gardening is a great way of satisfying your green fingers and making the most of the small area that you have.
Rune Sovndahl, CEO & Co-Founder of Fantastic Services

Whilst home vegetable growing has been on the rise for several years, pre-grown vegetable plants are now the preferred choice over seed packet purchases for quicker crops.  This trend is likely to spread to other areas of gardening as the rise of new build homes brings an increase in younger garden enthusiasts.  Mature specimen plants, trees, shrubs and patio plants are all likely to feature more next year, along with other instant garden ideas like pre-planted pots and baskets arrangements.
 Water features, gas barbecues and self-contained fire-pits have all been on the scene for a while, but we are now seeing the next generation; self-contained water features, ready to plug-in and enjoy and dual fuel barbecues which give authentic charcoal barbecue flavour along with the convenience and speed of gas.
 When it comes to gardening indoors, houseplants which enjoyed their heyday in the seventies and have since fallen out of favour are making a comeback. 
Matt Peck, Planteria Manager at Olive Grove

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