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Why every new home business needs a home garden office

You may be back in the office, but that doesn’t mean you’ve stopped dreaming of launching your own business. Whether you want to be cautious with a side hustle or you’re really to take the plunge and start a full-time venture, there’s no home business without a proper home office; and what better than a garden office. 

You’re going to spend a lot in your office at first, panicking about the future, planning enthusiastically, trying to figure out Google Analytics, or just procrastinating until you receive your first order. So, if you were wondering where to invest first when you start a home business, the home office should be on top of your list. Here’s why it matters and how to make it work:

It’s cheaper to work from the kitchen table… until it’s not

You can improvise a work station anywhere in your home, including on your sofa. But if you want to keep all work-related documents in one place, you need a desk to call your own. Ideally, you need a home office set up with a proper ergonomic workstation, and place to store everything you need. 

Your desk choice will make a huge difference to your day and to your overall health; a third of office workers complain about back pain. Frankly this is not something you want to experience when you launch your business so it can be helpful to think outside the box and invest in an alternative solution. Desks that can raise when you want to stand can help release tensions as you work. Make a point as well to stand up and walk for a few minutes every two hours to prevent muscular soreness if you prefer to sit down. 

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Where to find the best desk for your office: If there’s an option to see the desk or the chair (such as IKEA displays) do make sure to go and try it. It can avoid unpleasant surprises! Choosing the perfect desk setup requires:

  • Accurate measurements (don’t guess; take a tape measure)
  • Testing the accurate height (for your chair, your equipment, and your individual height)
  • Awareness of existing issues so you don’t sacrifice your health for the sake of a cute desk

Office equipment you can trust

As tempting as it is to set up your office with your everyday electronic gadgets, you need to consider the purpose of each device. For instance, using your smartphone for family and business can lead to confusion. Ideally, you want a business phone you can shut down during your days off. If buying a new device is not an option, you can consider renting your equipment.

What a professional home office needs:

  • Additional screens for a multi-screen display, using a monitor or a TV depending on your needs
  • A business phone
  • Laptop and printer
  • Safe data storage bank (outside the cloud)

Experts are keen to recommend colours for your decors and potted plants to motivate and inspire you. But while these are useful additions, the most important criteria when setting up your home business are comfort and practical technology. The right home office lets you work for a prolonged period without hassle; therefore, it must be equipped to suit your needs. 

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