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Home cinema in modern garden room

Get The Cinema Experience at Home With A Modern Garden Room

Everybody loves the cinematic experience. The atmosphere, the popcorn aroma, the fizzy drinks, surround sound, large comfortable chairs and of course, the giant screen to fully enjoy the film on so what if you could bring this to your own home? Well, you certainly can with a modern garden room and here’s how…

How Can A Garden Room Be A Cinema?

A modern garden room can be anything that you need or want it to be. We’ve covered many different functions in our previous blogs which include a home office, home gym, yoga studio, art studio, playroom, reading room, dining room, home spa, potting shed and so on. Our rooms are designed to be used for a variety of activities which can be changed up over the years as your own needs change. All of our garden rooms come fully insulated, with heating and electricity, light fittings plus they are soundproofed and damp proofed meaning they are just like an extension of your home. You can fully furnish, decorate and create an interior that you will love to be in and, if what you love is the cinema, then you can most certainly tailor your room to accommodate this. You already have the power points and heaters, you will have secure doors and windows for security and also for comfort, plus you can have a kitchenette for your food and drinks. As you can see, you are already halfway there!

Creating Your Personal Cinema Experience

First things first, you will want to jot down your favourite parts of going to the cinema in order to then recreate those. Here are a few ideas to help:

Home cinema in modern garden room

Big Screen

A big screen seems like a must but if you didn’t want a huge TV taking up wall space, you could opt for a projector instead. This will still provide you with a large image but will allow you to keep this area clear if you also wanted to use the room for something else.

Surround Sound

One of the biggest parts of going to a real cinema is being immersed in the whole film and they achieve this with the large screen and also with surround sound. This can be easily recreated with extra speakers cleverly placed around the room.


Cinema seats can be purchased and installed inside your garden room if you wanted to truly feel as though you were at your local screening. Alternatively you could opt for single lounge chairs or one large sofa for all the family to snuggle up on.

Popcorn Machine

A popcorn machine would make the perfect touch for your garden room cinema and if you choose to have a kitchenette installed, you could even turn the worktop into a self service area for the children to enjoy.

Drinks Machine

The addition of a coffee or tea machine as well as a fizzy drinks dispenser will allow everybody who visits to find something they will like and will also mean you won’t need to return to the house to see to everybody’s needs. Free refill anyone?!

Dimmer Lights

As previously mentioned, all modern garden rooms come with electricity and light fittings as standard but these can be adapted depending on your needs. For a full cinema experience having a dimmer switch would be beneficial as you could alter your lighting depending on who is watching, the time of day and for ease of use.

Blankets and Cushions

The great thing about a home cinema is that you can make it far more comfy and snuggly which means you can add blankets, throws, a variety of cushions, foot rests, bean bags and so on.


And lastly, you could consider adding movie posters, large prints, cardboard cutouts or using wall art stickers to make your home movie room feel like the real thing.

And there we have it, one home cinema experience courtesy of your modern garden room.

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