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Clever Tech for Your Home Garden Office

There is no reason why your home garden office should be a modest affair. Working from home doesn’t mean holding back on the gadgets – quite the opposite. Working from home means you’ve got the freedom to create the exact environment that you want. I makes sense to make life easier with the latest tech and gadgets.

Gone are the days when working from home meant being frugal and keeping things basic. A few years ago that might have been sound advice for working from home. These days, when technology is your friend (and might even help you avoid employing someone) it’s almost always best to invest!

Clever Tech for Your Home Garden Office

Everyone wants an easy life, right? So why shouldn’t that apply to working from home? Where in the past you might have been working in an office with an assistant, working from home with the latest gadgets to hand is the new productivity booster. 

Below are some gadgets you should really consider for your home garden office.

A Robot Vacuum Keeps it Clean

The last thing you want to do after a hard day working in your home garden office is to clean it too. There’s no question it needs to be done, but really, who can be bothered?  A robot vacuum will do the job for you (and it won’t even audibly sigh as it passes to let you know what a chore it is). Obviously surfaces will still need to be wiped and polished, but you’ll half your cleaning time if your daily vacuuming is automated.

An AI Assistant Runs Your Home Garden Office

Cheaper than a person (and probably more organised) an AI assistant will help keep you up to speed with your daily tasks. Whether your allegiance is with Google, Alexa or any other friendly robots, investing in some form of digital assistant will make your day easier to manage. Tell it about meetings, Skype calls and deadlines to help organise your week.

Home Garden Office tech

A Smart Air Purifier Keeps Your Brain Working

Poor air quality can leave you feeling sluggish. If you’re not getting enough good quality air, it can really affect your brain power. A smart air purifier is a compact purifier that can be controlled from your phone. While in the summer you can open the windows for fresh air, the same can’t be said for the winter months. Cold or wet days mean windows and doors stay firmly shut. When this happens, it’s your air purifier’s time to shine. They monitor humidity, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide and volatile organic compounds which you can see on your app and adjust your settings accordingly.

A Smart Coffee Machine Keeps Thirst at Bay

Like your coffee a bit too much? Waste time nipping to prepare refills and spend time standing around doing nothing while the coffee is prepared? Sounds like you need a smart coffee maker! You can control brewing your beans from an app. Each coffee machine out there is a little different but most let you set timers, brew automatically and send notifications to your phone when it’s ready. A perfect way to save time and keep you caffeinated!

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