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5 Ways to Practice Hygge in Your Insulated Summer House

5 Ways to Practice Hygge in Your Insulated Summer House

An insulated summer house is the perfect space to practice Hygge – a Danish concept with a strong focus on cosiness. Hygge (pronounced ‘hoo-ga’) is so much more than wearing some woolly socks whilst sipping a hot cup of tea. It doesn’t translate into just one English word because it’s a concept that touches on the many factors that contribute to human comfort.

The over-arching theme of Hygge is that however you practice it, it should help improve your well-being by soaking in life’s simple pleasures.

Practising Hygge in an insulated summer house means that even in winter, you can sit in your garden surrounded by nature – without getting cold!

5 Ways to Practice Hygge in Your Insulated Summer House

Your insulated summer house will be able to retain heat, so if you turn the heaters on when it’s cold, the room will warm up in no time. Once you’ve got the temperature sorted, it’s time to get your Hygge on!

5 Ways to Practice Hygge in Your Insulated Summer House - a chunky knit throw and a candle

1. Create Some Cosy Lighting

Although summer houses get a lot of natural light, Hygge involves creating a cosy ambience. Lighting with yellow tones can be associated with that cosy feeling, so you might want to invest in a lamp that uses a warm-toned bulb to light up your garden room.

A scented candle might have the added bonus of creating a pleasant scent in your summer house, as well as giving off a small amount of yellow light from the flame. Remember to take extra care when using candles out in your garden sitting room.

2. Wrap Up in Chunky Throw Blankets

Cosiness is synonymous with warmth, so it makes sense to wrap up while you enjoy your new Hygge lifestyle. It’s best to go for blankets that work as throws, as you’re unlikely to wrap up during the warmer months, meaning you’ll still get your use out of them as they decorate the furniture!

5 Ways to Practice Hygge in Your Insulated Summer House

3. Buy (or Make) Some Pastries

Why not get caught up in another Danish export – pastries?

Danish sweet pastries are the ultimate treat, so it makes a lot of sense to bring a plateful out to your summer house to help you with those feelings of cosiness and joy! It’s probably best to make a hot drink to accompany the pastries and provide optimum enjoyment!

4. Go for a Technology Blackout

Everybody could benefit from an hour away from digital distractions. Turn off your smartphone, unplug the TV and bring a book out to your summer house with you. Try and give yourself at least an hour each day to completely avoid digital devices.

Appreciate the nature of your garden, read a book, knit a hat – all of these suggestions are Hygge approved.

5. Involve a Loved One

If Hygge is about improving your overall well-being, nothing does that better than spending time with someone you love.

Reach out to an old friend, invite them over for hot drinks and pastries in your cosy, insulated summer house. Spend an hour or two reconnected in a place that makes you feel like you’re the only two people on the planet. You’ll both return to the real world feeling refreshed and relaxed, and there’s nothing more Hygge than that!

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