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11 Fun Things To Transform Your Garden Shed Into

Do you dream of having that perfect quiet place to retreat to? A room for a hobby or for relaxation? Just far enough away from home that you can pop back in easily, yet far enough away to have a little escapism. This little place may already be somewhere you have but may be completely overlooked by you. The garden shed. Usually it’s the structure that holds the garden tools, the junk from the house and trinkets you can’t let go of but it could, in fact, be so much more. You just need a little vision…

Reading Nook

With a bit of TLC, some insulation, lighting and heating you could transform your old, run-down shed into the cutest reading nook. Imagine bookshelves filled to the brim with your collection, comfy beanbags and a cosy atmosphere perfect for losing yourself in.

reading nook garden shed

Home Office

Do you long to end the daily commute? Do you want to work for yourself? Well, all of this could happen if you transform your garden shed into a home office. You may want to look into a completely new building for this in the shape of a modern garden room as this will provide you with all of your requirements for your new workplace. Once completed, your new commute could be a slow stroll down the garden path.

Yoga Studio

Your standard garden shed could easily be updated and made into a tranquil, airy yoga studio with a few touches. If you wanted to use it all year round, you would need to look into insulation and double glazing etc. but these are simple steps when you find the right people for the job. The garden shed is a great place for yoga as it provides a quiet room for this calming exercise, the doors can be opened up to enjoy the green space as well as the nature plus it is a space just for you.

Music Room

If you enjoy playing an instrument, singing or just turning the stereo up, this can often impact on those who also live in your home. A garden room is a really good place to move into for this hobby and will mean you can be as loud as you like without bothering anybody ever again.

Garden Bar

If you enjoy entertaining guests, holding barbecues and being outdoors on summer evenings, you may be missing one very important feature– a garden bar! Yes, no garden party is complete without a place to serve up the drinks and a garden shed can be completely overhauled to create this for you. Just read how in this post here.

teenager's den in garden shed

Teenagers Den

Are the children outgrowing their bedrooms? Do they want to have their friends around more often these days? Then you’ll want a space dedicated to them. A room for games, for noise, for music, for relaxing and one away from the home if possible! The garden shed may seem a bit mean but once you plaster the walls, insulate it, add some electricity and heating you will be well on your way to creating a teenagers den that they will love.

Art Studio

When you want to find inspiration it can be very difficult within a noisy household. An art studio would be a dream but do you have the space? If your garden shed isn’t put to good use, perhaps it’s time to make the most of this building by having a clearout and providing yourself with your very own art studio. 

Games Room

If you like your arcade games, ping pong or maybe pool? Then you’ll love a room that you can dedicate to this! A garden shed can be far bigger than you may realise especially when you empty it of all the old junk you store in there. Put this space to good use and give yourself a place for plenty of fun for all of the family. 

Children’s Playroom

Are the toys taking over your living room? Annoying, isn’t it?! It’s amazing how much space you need when you have children but it can be so difficult to know what to do for the best. Moving it all out seems like the best option most days but that could actually be a possibility if you transform your garden shed. The space is already there, all you’ll need to do is update this building (or you could start again with a garden room) and create the most wonderful, exciting and fun children’s playroom around.

potting garden shed

Potting Shed

Why just store your garden tools here when you could also transform it into a useful potting shed and gardeners hideaway? Spruce it up with a lick of paint, some hanging baskets and new windows and you’ll have a shed you will love going out to. Inside, you could divide up areas for particular plants, have a miniature greenhouse incorporated and keep everything you need in one place. 


And finally, what better way to enjoy your garden throughout all seasons than with a pretty summerhouse? Brighten up your shed with some good quality paint, open the space up with french doors and large windows, add some plants in window boxes and hanging baskets, fill the space with comfy furniture and you will have yourself a tranquil summerhouse you can enjoy each and every day.

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