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7 Fantastic Ideas For Transforming Long Narrow Gardens

Just because your garden is long and narrow doesn’t mean that it can’t be used to the same extent that a larger garden would be. Ok, so it’s going to take some planning and perhaps using some ideas from outside of the box but we promise you that you can create the garden of your dreams. So, let’s take a look at our 7 fantastic ideas for long narrow gardens…

Plan The Space

The space you have needs to be looked at as potential. The whole garden has potential and you need to plan what you are going to do in every tiny area and don’t scrimp on the ideas! You’d love a pond? Go for it. You’ve always wanted a rose garden? Then make it happen! Honestly, the shape and size of a garden should never put you off having all you’ve ever wanted. Yes, long narrow gardens can seem daunting when you only look at them as a whole but by breaking it down and carefully planning your garden out on paper before you begin, you should be able to create a well-balanced, interesting and intriguing space that you’ll love to spend time in.

Divide It Up 

Take your garden plan and divide it up into sections. Make each area different and with something new to enjoy, a place to sit and look at your garden, an area for wildlife to visit, a spot for a water feature, another area for the children, maybe a vegetable patch, a sunflower garden, a garden room and so on. This will not only make the most of it but it will also make it feel like a much larger garden than it actually is. 

long narrow gardens

The Flow

In order to make this all join and flow together seamlessly, you will want to add a pathway that will take you through your new stunning secret garden. It is completely up to you what type of path you opt for but for interest think about using a wooden winding design which could be broken up in your new areas with stepping stones, gravel or bark. Think about how each area will be used and how a new path section would tie in nicely with that theme. 

Lines of The Garden

One mistake that is easily made in long narrow gardens is to run a path straight down the middle and to sandwich it with flowers beds on either side. The only thing this will do is to create the illusion that your garden is narrower than it actually is. What you want to be achieving is the complete opposite. Think about setting your path slightly off centre with a large flower bed on one side and grass, ornaments, statues or hedgerows on the other. As the path winds, you can adapt the flow of the plants to create the impression of space.

Use Pots and Planters

Don’t be afraid to use a variety of pots and planters throughout the garden. Just because you think it is tight on space doesn’t mean you can’t use everything that others do. Different sizes, colours, shapes and designs will help to break up flowers beds, will create interesting focal areas and will add texture as well as height. Think about hiding low planters such as a Belfast sink within a sea of flowers, using a large terracotta chimney to add a floral display amongst tall grasses and grouping brightly coloured pots to bring a splash of colour. 

long narrow gardens

Paved Areas

It isn’t a garden without a patio area, is it? You only need enough to be able to comfortably fit on a table and chairs for you and guests and that can work in any sized garden. Also, don’t think that you only need the one just outside the back doors. Why not add another paved area further down the garden? Maybe a hidden oasis around a water feature or one at the end of the garden outside of a garden room? Imagine it surrounded by those pots and planters, a collection of fairy lights, wooden wind chimes and lanterns. Perfect!

You Can Still Have Lawn

This is not an all or nothing garden this is an all garden! Yes, you can most certainly have it all and even though having an entire garden to lawn is dull and uninspirational, it can work wonders in smaller chunks. As we’ve mentioned above, you can section off long narrow gardens quite easily and what goes in those sections is down to you. This is YOUR garden and it has to work for you and make you happy. If you have children, a lawn is perfect for playing around on, kicking a ball on and it also provides a softer landing than paving will do. But don’t think it has to be boring. If you want a wow factor, why not turf a mound for the children to tumble down? Or create a meadow using wildflowers planted within the grass? Get creative, think what would make you smile each time you are out in your garden and remember that anything can work if you really plan it out. 

Now you have the basics to get you started on your long narrow garden we hope you can transform your outdoor area and create a space you can truly love.

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