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The Importance of Time Management When Working From Home

Here at Modern Garden Rooms, one of the main uses for our fantastic rooms is that of a home office. Whether it’s for a self employed business person, the founder of a new startup or an employee of a company who has been given flexible working, they’re becoming more and more popular.
Thanks to the internet and other technological innovations, there is now nothing to stop a large proportion of the workforce working home completely or at least for some of the week. Those that have made the break to homeworking have by and large enjoyed the move but one issue does raise its head from time to time and that is time management. Out of the structured environment of the modern office, some people can struggle to manage their time effectively which is why we take a look at some simple strategies to do so below.


Failure to prioritize is one of the big reasons that some people fail to achieve the goals that they have set for themselves. Without understanding what is important now and what can wait till later, you’ll find it difficult to achieve anything substantial because you will lack a firm plan of how you are going to achieve your aims. If you have software that can help you with this then great but it’s not necessary. A simple, prioritised list on a whiteboard or even on a simple piece of paper can really help you feel that you are on top of your work.

Leave time for thinking and planning

One of the biggest mistakes that people make when managing their time working from home is to leave some time for thinking and planning. Having the time to think about your activities for the next day is crucial if you’re going to have a productive day. Planning allows you to prioritize our tasks enabling you to work on the ones that are the most important first. Failure to plan and have an effective ‘to-do’ list and you will find it very easy to get lost in your work be productive and find that by the end of the day you haven’t achieved very much.

Work to deadlines

Even if some of your work doesn’t have deadlines, they are an effective way of driving your work forward and giving you something to aim for. Having deadlines can give your day, week and month structure and assist in your planning and prioritization (see above). Don’t think deadlines are there to make sure you’re at your desk for certain numbers of hours per day, as they are actually just as important for making sure you’re NOT at your desk for hour after hour. Working from home, it can be easy to let your working life take over those personal hours at home so by working to deadlines you can help to draw a distinctive line between home and work by getting the work you need done when it’s needed to be done for.

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