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5m x 3m Canopy Room Essex

Insulated Garden Room uk


Insulated garden room uk 5m x 3m, this is one of our most popular sized Canopy Garden Rooms. It is clad in red western cedar with a 1m canopy that comes as standard with down lights. This insulated garden room uk consists of the following package;

  • 2500mm Upvc french doors including 500mm sidelights either side of the doors (standard)
  • 400mm x 1600mm Upvc Top opener (standard)
  • 1800mm x 450mm upvc double top opener (additional)

The inside of this room has a laminate flooring and freshly painted walls ready for decoration once dry. We also use two types of insulation in a multi layer system to ensure that this room can be enjoyed year round. This is what sets our rooms apart from cheaper alternatives such as log cabins which can be cold during the winter months even with a heater inside. Our rooms are so well insulated that the thermostatic heater is only used occasionally to top the room up with heat. It is estimated that one of our garden rooms costs as little as £30 per year to heat.

Client Name:

Russell from Manningtree, Essex


Russell contacted modern garden rooms as he was wanting to take advantage of all the benefits of working from home. With a large garden there was no shortage of possible options of where the room could be positioned. Therefore it was decided that a 5m wide by 3m deep room would be the perfect size for Russell to work from home in. This also gave us the benefit of being able to position the room right up to the boundary as the room is less than 15 square metres finished floor space it would not require a building control application .

Our Solution:

We designed Russell a 5m x 3m sized room from our canopy garden room range. This is the perfect size for a home office. As a result it could be positioned in such a way that it had a minimal impact on the garden.

“Lewis and Mike worked extremely hard to complete the build on schedule despite the bad weather. Please can you pass on my thanks to them”

Insulated garden room uk Finishing touches to insulated garden room uk

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