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How to Make Insulated Garden Rooms Cosy for Winter

Insulated garden rooms are often mistaken for summer-only living spaces. Fortunately, this couldn’t be further from the truth; they are the perfect place to relax all year round!

Thanks to the insulation, these garden rooms tend to retain heat, so even on the coldest day your heating will warm the room and the insulation will keep you toasty.

If you’re savvy with your interior design, you can make your outdoor sitting room the cosiest place to be on the coldest days.

Insulated Garden Rooms Can be Cosy for Winter

There’s a fine line between making insulated garden rooms cosy and overloading them with fluffy soft furnishings. Don’t fall into the trap of going all-out with the plush and ignoring practicalities and style. 

Turning insulated garden rooms into cosy havens of relaxation is easier than you think. Just bear in mind only a few of these suggestions should be used at once – this isn’t a shopping list!

Your Garden Room Needs a Rug!

When people choose an outdoor sitting room, the most common floor finish is oak-laminate. Although this looks amazing, it can be cold on your feet. A stylish rug covering the areas most walked on will keep your toes toasty and add to the insulation. Aside from the added warmth, it’ll make a beautiful finishing touch for your sitting room.

rugs work well in insulated garden rooms

Insulated Curtains Improve Heat Retention in Insulated Garden Rooms

Although curtains might never have been a part of your vision for a stylish garden room, it’s undeniable the difference insulated curtains make. Thermal (or insulated) curtains are made with thicker fabric than normal curtains, then lined with a foam core and a non-breathable layer to hold in heat. It’s been suggested that these types of curtains can help reduce the strain on your heating system (which in turn reduces the strain on your wallet!)

What once was an innovative idea that wasn’t quite up to scratch in the style stakes, is now available in a sought-after range. Places like Dunelm make thermal curtains to look like any other decorative drapes. They’re definitely worth considering as a warming way to decorate your windows.

To Throw or Not To Throw?

throws work well in insulated garden rooms

Throws receive very mixed emotions in the interior design world. Some view them as a versatile piece of fabric that can decorate a couch or double up as a blanket. Others see them as an unnecessary addition to a stylish sitting room that hides a perfectly good sofa.

If you enjoy adding texture (and even colour) to a room with something that can be used as a blanket, a throw is for you! Have a sofa and a chair? You could invest in contrasting throws to add personality to the room.

If your garden room is on the larger side, investing in all three suggestions should be fine. A smaller sitting room might seem overrun with fabric, so adapt your shopping list accordingly. Whatever you go for, bringing a little cosiness with you will always help. Don your best slippers and throw on a jumper before kicking back in your sumptuous garden sitting room this winter.

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