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Why Insulated Sheds Make Great Outdoor Sitting Rooms

Insulated sheds have many uses, and one of the most popular is creating outdoor sitting room. Modern insulated sheds are fitted with all the amenities you’d expect from an indoor sitting room: lighting, heating, a power supply, uPVC windows, and of course – insulation. This means the sitting room can be heated and retain its heat during the winter. On hot days, you can enjoy your outdoor sitting room with the door and windows wide open, surrounded by fresh air.

Why Insulated Sheds Make Great Outdoor Sitting Rooms

These are just some of the reasons insulated sheds make great outdoor sitting rooms.

insulated sheds make good sitting rooms

Insulated sheds are a great place to escape the kids

When you’re a parent, life doesn’t contain many breaks. Between feeding them, cleaning up after them and trying to make them sleep, there isn’t much time left in the day. It’s understandable that you’d want a haven away from your offspring. If the children are old enough (teens or tweens), you might be able to sneak out in the middle of the day to catch up on your soaps. While the children are little, having a secluded sitting room away from building blocks and picture books is exactly what you need to unwind. With heat, light and WiFi, an insulated shed has everything you need to relax.

Your teens can have their own sitting room

If you have older children, you might feel like you want to reclaim your lounge. A great way to do that whilst giving your teens their freedom is to set out an outdoor sitting room for them. An insulated shed is great place for your kids to relax, you can rest assured they’re warm, safe and exactly where they say they are! It’s also a handy place to keep an eye on them, with lots of windows, you’ll be able to see what they’re up to (and possibly if they’re watching anything unsuitable).

teens can use insulated sheds as living room

You can decorate it how you like

An insulated shed is entirely independent of your house. Yes, it’s a perk of the property, but since it’s not joined on to any other buildings, it needn’t be affected by any decorating themes. It can be the colour explosion you were always too nervous to execute, or the vintage theme that doesn’t fit in with the rest your ultra-modern interior.

You can decorate to whichever whim takes your fancy and you’ll never clash with an adjoining room. Bask in your freedom and be bold in your choices.

Surround your indoorsy pursuits with the outdoors

The trouble with being indoorsy is that you might not spend enough time in nature. Gaming, watching TV and general lounging on the sofa can be great for the soul, but without fresh air and vitamin D, your relaxation lacks a holistic approach. If your insulated shed is set up as a sitting room, you can combine the outdoors with your indoors. Watch TV with the sun on your skin, play Fifa with the wind in your hair. Open doors and windows while you relax to get the benefit of the outdoors while you do indoor activities. You could even pull your seating into the garden and keep your attention on the TV. 

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