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interior trends 2022

Get Ready For 2022 With These Six Interior Trends For Garden Rooms

What is next for garden rooms? Here are the interior trends you won’t want to miss out on in 2022.

What’s Next for Furniture 2022: The Interior Trends to Follow

1. Minimalism Remains

One interesting side effect of the pandemic is the reinforcement of minimalism. While staying at home for an extended period of time, many tried to get rid of unnecessary and non-functional things — including furniture. Consequently, air and free space are now imperative for interior design trends for 2022.

To achieve the look, limit the number of pieces of furniture in your rooms. Also, adhere to one or two main materials, such as wood or steel.

2. Rounded Shapes

Soft lines, feminine forms, and furniture without corners is not a new interior trend, however, interior designers say it will remain strong in 2022. This roundness and flowing lines, along with shades of blue and green, are all characteristics of the 70’s retro style. But the 2022 version of retro will encompass minimalist, Scandinavian, and Art Deco furniture décor. 

Look for tables, lamps, and sofas without right angles. Also, your chairs and stools shouldn’t have a rigid structure but a softened body. 

3. Natural Materials and Textures

Minimalistic style and natural materials both link in with the sustainability theme we have had going on for several seasons now and will continue right into 2022. As the world embraces all things organic and natural, not bringing toxic materials into your home becomes vitally important. Hence, furniture materials you can expect to see more in 2022 are onyx, marble, granite, wood, bio-glass, recycled metal, and jute.

For example, choose a coffee table with a stone top and reed- or rattan-textured furnishings for your living room. 

interior trends for 2022 garden rooms

While brown leather never really goes out of style, furniture with brown, natural upholstery will take the main place next season. Also, bronze metal furniture details will add a touch of luxury. 

All in all, when redecorating your home for the upcoming year, think eco-friendly. Materials your furniture consists of should be either recycled, reused, or from reliable sources. In the same manner, you should stay away from plastic as much as possible.

4. Furniture in Basic and Natural Colours

Before the pandemic, the main trend was “natural,” and the circumstances we faced in 2021 only intensified it. As we began to spend most of our time at home, strong and bright colours started to seem intense. So, today, it’s imperative that rooms have a calming and soothing effect. For this reason, designers opt for a neutral palette of natural shades. 

Therefore, pick furniture in basic colors, like black, white, shades of gray, as well as muted tones. For example, a combination of gold, walnut, black marble, and brass look very sophisticated. Furthermore, dark colors will be a popular choice for cabinets and modular furniture. So, in the following year, avoid bleached wood and replace it with dark oak.

Also, while Brave Ground was the Color of the Year 2021, paint brand Dulux chose Bright Skies (a shade of blue) for 2022. 

5. Combined and Multifunctional Spaces

Having a separate living room, kitchen, and dining room is no longer in style. Nowadays, designers are trying to create multifunctional spaces by combining such areas. 

Furthermore, living under lockdown pushed us to repurpose our living spaces. Our homes were not just for relaxation after a long working day anymore — they have become offices, gyms, etc. So, in 2021 we have been paying attention to functionality and ergonomics. And that trend will find its way into the next year, as well. 

This added functionality mainly affects the living area. So, to create the partitioning effect in your space, you need to arrange your furniture wisely, although you can achieve the same result by using various materials. You can also research some innovative ideas on how to make the most out of every nook and cranny. 

6. Home Office

As previously mentioned, 2021 has seen most of us working from home — at the kitchen counters, on sofas, or balconies. But since the idea of remote work is probably here to stay, at least for some time, interior design magazines are flooded with ideas on how to create a functional home office, no matter the size. Your garden room is the perfect place to make this a reality!

You can start by rearranging the furniture to find a corner that fits a small desk and a chair. Additionally, a bookcase can become a pleasant backdrop for video calls, a dining table can serve as a workstation for several family members, and you can use a sideboard to store your documents. 

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