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11 Reasons You Should Invest In A Garden Room

When it comes to the idea of building a garden room, it can be tempting to weigh up the pros and cons; you might even go as far as creating a spreadsheet identifying the costs and benefits. After all, it’s quite a large investment!

However we’re here to tell you that it’s the best decision you’ll ever make. Here are just some of the reasons you should invest in a garden building!

A home office can change your life…

1. No Commute

Imagine having your office right on your doorstep… well, your backdoor step! How much easier would life be if you could just walk a few steps to your work? No commute, no rush hour, no traffic jams and zero stress.

2. Dedicated Space

If you previously already worked from home then you’ll be very aware of the usual problems that crop up. The distractions from others in your home, disturbances from the house phone, the guilt you feel when you are trying to work but the pile of washing is looking at you and the draw of the TV. Oh yes, we’ve all been there!

With a garden room as your office, you will have a dedicated space just for your work. You can set your work area up as you need it, you can enjoy the extra room for your equipment and you can sit back and enjoy the peace and quiet. It is the perfect place to be productive and never be distracted.

Office in a garden room

3. Flexibility

Having a home office in your garden will also mean that you can be flexible with your working hours. If you want to start at 7 am and end at 3 pm it is far easier done than if you had to go to an office in the city.

You can be there in no time and walk away if need be. You could even return back to work at night if you needed to play catch up.

With lighting, heating, insulation and your creature comforts, a garden room provides the perfect environment.

A garden room to give you room…

4. Children’s Playroom

It’s the dream!

No toys in the living room, no threat of Lego under your foot, no hunting under the sofa for that tiny piece from a boxset. All of your children’s toys and play equipment in one place– out in the garden room.

Not only will the toys have their own space your children will too. They will have a sanctuary where they will be able to freely play, make a mess, spill out into the garden, do arts and crafts etc. You can’t put a price on their happiness and enjoyment.

A garden room for your new hobby

5. Hobby Room

You may have a hobby that you want to further expand, perhaps you are a budding artist who wants the space to take their skills to the next level?

Maybe you need an area that inspires you to write? Or do you need the space to gather your thoughts and relax? A garden room can be all of this and more.

6. Exercise

This is another great reason to invest in a garden room– no more gym memberships! Yep, you can cut out that monthly expense by building your very own home gym and all the equipment that you love. Whether it’s weights you’re into or rowing, running or yoga, you can customise your new room to suit all your workout needs.

Woman working out in her garden room gym

Life’s a party…

7. Home Bar

We all know that pubs are far more expensive to visit than they were years ago, and due to this it is much more appealing to entertain people at home. Trouble is, you don’t always have the space to accommodate all those extra bodies.

Transforming a garden room into a home bar will give you the area you need and you can kit it out with chairs, a bar, your favourite drinks and maybe even pumps?

Having a bar on a warm summers evening teamed up with a barbecue will have your friends queuing around the block to get in!

8. Games Room

If you love your games but don’t have the space to keep a pool table, a football table or arcade games a garden building could be the answer.

You would be surprised at how much you can fit in and you’ll still have the room for a chillout zone, a TV area and maybe even a drinks corner.

A Games Garden Room with Pool Table, Table Tennis and Foosball.

9. Teenager’s Den

As your children get older they are often looking for private space to be with their friends, to chat, play computer games and chill out. Not all bedrooms are large enough to take a group of oversized teenage boys which is why having the luxury of giving them a room of their own is desirable.

You can still keep a bit of a close eye on what they are up to without them being in your way, causing too much noise or making a mess.

Relaxation matters…

10. Summer House

A garden room can be many things and have many uses but sometimes we really overlook the fact that we all need to be able to just stop. This is a perfect environment in which to do this because you can retreat from the house, you can take in the view to the garden, you can sit in pure silence and you can take the time to just be.

mum relaxing in her wooden cabin

11. Meditation Room

You cannot put a price on good mental health and being able to take yourself off to a dedicated space in order to clear your mind, de-stress and meditate could be very valuable to many of you. Life is busy and hectic, with so much to think about and remember but to be able to have a room where none of this matters, where you can close the door on real life for a few hours would be highly beneficial a few times a week. Everybody needs a space to focus on themselves from time to time.

So there we have it!

11 reasons you should invest in a garden room.

And not a spreadsheet in sight!

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