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Pool table - modern garden rooms for kids

Why Modern Garden Rooms are Great for Kids

If you’ve got children and spend most of your time trying to keep your house in order, there might be a simple solution. Modern garden rooms are fantastic for containing mess, entertaining kids and their friends, and providing a fun little den that won’t leave your lounge in a mess.

Modern garden rooms are light, airy and have many uses. The best part is, they can grow with your child’s needs, all you need to change is what you put inside them!

Why Modern Garden Rooms are Great for Kids

This list will give you inspiration on what to do with your garden room and let you see how wonderful they are when you have children.

Here is what modern garden rooms can be turned into:

A Preschooler’s Playroom

No-one gets more toys out than a child under four. Setting up a playroom for your preschooler is easy, just provide them with lots of options. Keep their toys in slide-out boxes stacked in square units for ease of access, younger children have a short attention span and love to chop and change. Try setting up different activities in different areas of the room. A small table and chair set is perfect if they feel like drawing or colouring, while a box of train track will occupy them while they set it up, but is easy to pack away.

Why Modern Garden Rooms are Great for Kids - preschooler's playroom

Brightly coloured furniture and rugs will make the room look like a fun and exciting place to play.

A Messy Play Outdoor Room

Messy play is every child’s idea of a great time, but every parent winces at the thought of getting mess on their carpets. A dedicated room for messy play – complete with wipe-clean surfaces is one way of keeping both parent and child happy. 

Try investing in a Tuff Tray to keep the mess (somewhat) contained and go to town with the mess! Children’s aprons are cheap enough, meaning you can protect the kids’ clothes while they get elbow deep in mess. Be sure to look out for long-sleeved tunic aprons for ultimate protection!

Contemporary Garden Rooms Make Fantastic Lego Dens

Lego has brought kits for all ages, meaning your kids can spend their entire childhood as a Lego addict. The larger products for older children can take some setting up, meaning it can’t be cleared away when your child takes a break from building. A Lego den is ideal for avid Lego fans, especially the ones who take on the big projects.

Another positive about having a room just for Lego means no one steps on a rogue piece when they’re walking around in their socks late at night!

An Entertainment Hub for Teens

It’s not secret that teenagers love their own space and prefer not to share a lounge with their parents. A garden room set up with a TV, Netflix and their preferred console of choice not only gives them other options when it comes to TV channel, it also means they have somewhere to take their friends. If your teen has their own space at home, they’re more likely to spend time there. This means you’re less likely to spend your time worrying about where they are – or what they’re up to!

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