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Kitting Out Your Micro Garden Office

So you’ve finally had your micro garden office built. It’s sturdy, pristine, and looks great from the outside. Without the right equipment inside it though, all you actually have is a luxury shed. Don’t be tempted to shove your old, battered desk in there; if you’re going to be putting in the hours in your new office, you’ll need to create a pleasant environment to work in. Put a little effort into the aesthetic now, and you’ll find you have an office that you actually enjoy spending time in!

Micro Garden Office Essentials

Turning your micro garden office into a welcoming place to work in needn’t cost a fortune, but a few well thought-out enhancements can make all the difference. Remember that this is an office you’re kitting out rather than a lounge, however. If you make your garden office too comfortable or entertaining, you may find that you spend more time relaxing than working. Keep it balanced and ready for business.

A good chair will pay for itself many times over

Most people who invest in a micro garden office do so because a lot of their working day is spent on a computer. As you’re no doubt aware of, this can become problematic if steps aren’t taken to reduce the risk of neck and back problems. If you’re self-employed, you’ll have to become your own office’s DSE (Display Screen Equipment) officer, by implementing best practices of sitting at your desk.

Do your back a favour early on by purchasing an ergonomic office chair. This is one area in which style really needs to take a back seat; comfort is key here. Make sure that whichever chair you buy has plenty of adjustment options, as well as lumbar support for when you put in those long hours.

Hear the difference with dedicated speakers

Some people need absolute quiet whilst working. This helps them gather their thoughts without external stimuli distracting them. Others though, prefer to have music or background noise to aid their concentration. In a large office, this can often become a bone of contention between those wanting to play music, those wanting a different type of music, and those who would prefer no sound at all.

In your own garden office, you’re the boss, and as such, can play whatever you like. If you do enjoy listening to music as you work, you should look to trade in the tinny sound of your laptop’s internal speaker for a good external set. Almost any set will be an upgrade from your laptop’s internal setup, and there are loads of different styles to choose from. Long gone are the days of boring grey boxes. Whether you want speakers in the shape of bright blue eggs, or freestanding tubes, you’ll be able to find some to suit your office aesthetic.

Save some wall space for a mirror

Kitting Out Your Micro Garden Office

You’d be surprised at how much you can fit into a micro garden office, but to really make it feel a little larger inside, a mirror is a great option. Hanging a mirror instantly gives the impression of more space, and simultaneously allows more light to reflect into the office (if hung strategically).

If you already have an old mirror tucked away in your loft or garage, you can easily adapt it to fit seamlessly into your new office by having it reframed. Most areas have a local framing specialist – or if you fancy having a go yourself, there’s a multitude of custom frame producers online.

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