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How To Landscape Around Your New Garden Building

Once work on your new garden room is complete. your outdoor space may look a little drab in comparison. Many people fully plan out their new build but don’t think to incorporate the full overall look of their outdoor space which is why we have decided to give you a few ideas on how to landscape your garden around your new garden building.


The first thing you may want to consider is your access to your new garden room from the house. A pathway doesn’t have to be an eyesore. There are many varieties that you can choose from, for example, stepping stones look elegant and are both fun as well as functional. A winding pathway will add interest to your garden or if you’d rather a more discreet look, you could consider a pathway that leads down the side of the garden and across to the building. You could opt for slabs, wooden planks, shingle, tree trunks cut to size or concrete. There really are so many amazing choices nowadays.


A well-manicured lawn is always a pretty landscape to look across at however, this does take a lot of care and maintenance which includes mowing often, watering well and feeding it. If this isn’t possible for you to keep up, you could consider artificial grass instead. This way you will get that luscious green lawn all year round.


Carefully placing trees around your garden not only provides more interest, but they also provide shade and will attract wildlife. Trees that blossom in the spring and leaves throughout the summer make an amazing focal point and backdrop to your garden building. Evergreens are a good solid choice to provide your garden with privacy and greenery all year round and if you have a theme to your garden, you will want to research which trees are best suited to fit in with your new landscaped look. Good examples include Japanese Acers for a tranquil Japanese themed garden, Palm trees for a Mediterranean feel and for an English garden you may want to consider an apple tree or chestnut tree.


A great way to landscape your garden is to use large planters either placed sporadically around or as even flower beds to lead to different sections. If you want a bold look, go big! Think large wooden planters filled to the brim with brightly coloured flowers, perennials and evergreen bushes. For a more understated look, use smaller planters around your garden building to frame it and draw your eye to your new purchase.

Water Features

There is nothing better than a garden with a water feature. Falling water is one of the most relaxing sounds so if you can find a water feature that incorporates this, it is a lovely option for your landscaped garden. It doesn’t need to be a large structure, you want it to fit in nicely with the overall theme and to be easily enjoyed without it being overbearing. If you would rather opt for a pond, you will need to take into consideration the location for this, making sure that it gets both light and shade and also the safety aspect of it. Ponds can be an amazing addition as they bring all types of wildlife for you to watch and enjoy.

Zoning Your Garden

A popular choice in landscaping your garden these days is to zone it off and dedicate areas for particular activities. By doing this you can then create little ‘pockets’ for everybody who lives in your home. You could think about having a dining space, a relaxation area, a kids play area, a sports area, a reading spot and so on. This will give your garden structure, it will be interesting for your family and guests to explore and will make the most out of your outdoor area regardless of its size. 


Lighting up your garden can transform it from day to night. During the day it may be tranquil and relaxing and by night it could become a pretty wonderland perfect for dinner parties, romantic meals or a place to escape in. Lighting would also allow you to easily cross your garden to your new garden room if you choose to work or do your hobby into the evening. Which lighting options you go for will all depend on whether you have electrical points, what styles you prefer, what fits in with your theme and what is the most cost-effective but with so much available on the market, you are most definitely spoilt for choice!

We hope these tips have given you some food for thought and you can make a start on planning your own landscape for your garden.

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