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Landscape Your Front Garden

What Are The Best Ways to Landscape Your Front Garden?

This time each year when spring is on the horizon, you might start thinking about how to landscape your front garden.

The birds are singing, new buds are emerging, bulbs are starting to poke through the soil and the weather is getting ever so slightly warmer. But, despite your desire to landscape your front garden, you might lack the ideas to bring it to life. 

Fortunately you don’t have to be a professional landscaper or designer to come up with creative landscaping ideas for your front garden. 

While taking your front garden from drab to fab can seem daunting, with a little help and some great landscape design ideas, you can DIY your space without breaking the bank.

Read on to get some inspiration, and use these ideas to jumpstart the journey to lanscape your dream front garden.  

Man-Made Design Ideas

Flowers and plants are a given in any beautiful garden – but don’t stop there. Adding some man-made elements when you landscape your front garden can transform it into a true work of art. 

A Home for Your Hose

If you have an eyesore of a garden hose, it can ruin a carefully designed space. But, with some planks and a little wood glue, you can house your hose in its own decorative box. With a simple rustic finish, you can paint or decorate it to customize your style, and even put a planter on it. This is also a great way to hide a bulky AC unit – just update the sizing to fit the frame of your air conditioner! 

Landscape Your Front Garden

Bicycle Planter

Have an old bicycle that your kids have outgrown? Turn it into an adorable and stylish planter. Use the bike’s basket as a built-in planter, and add some more to the seat or back wheel. With a bit of creativity, you’ll have an upcycled masterpiece. The best part? Rust, rain, or paint damage will only improve the rustic look. 

Prefer the natural landscape look?

While gardening might seem daunting if you don’t have a green thumb, there are many beautiful flowers and other plants that anyone can use to enrich an outdoor space and bring your front garden to life.

Add Climbers

If you have a stone wall, picket fence, or stairs with a railing, take advantage of some vertical space and plant some climbing plants in your front garden. Ivy and roses are classic and timeless options, but wisteria, clematis, and morning glories will also climb beautifully up your home, adding colour and fragrance. 

A Flower Bed For All Seasons

By planting annual and perennial flowers alongside evergreen shrubs, you can guarantee blooms throughout the entire year. In the spring and summer, you’ll have a classic mix of lush reds and pinks, but those disappear in the colder months. However, when you intersperse those blooms with some evergreens, you’ll have beautiful red and orange berries livening up the space throughout the winter. 

Natural Log Planter

Eco-friendly, beautiful, and free, a log planter provides the perfect trifecta for your updated front garden. There’s a good chance someone in the neighbourhood has a downed tree they’d love you to take off their hands. Once you hollow it out, you can fill it with planters that can be updated each season, or full of long-lasting succulents. This also works if you have a tree stump in your garden! 

Let’s Get to Work!

Now that you have some great front garden landscape design ideas, all that’s left is to wait for a sunny day, grab your favourite gardening gloves, and get outside to landscape your front garden.

With these tips and tricks, your front garden will be the talk of the town, and you won’t have to spend too much money to do it! 

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