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Large Garden sectioning ideas

7 Sectioning Ideas to Make Your Large Garden More Manageable

Having a house with a large garden is a desirable feature for many but it can easily become quite overwhelming if you don’t know what to do with it. Planning this large space to make it work for you and your family is key in making it a fun, manageable and enjoyable area and one simple way of creating a design like this is by sectioning it off. By allocating parts of the garden to say play, entertaining, growing your own, flowers, lawn and so on you will find yourself with a large garden that is far easier to maintain. Here are some of our sectioning ideas to make your large garden more manageable.

A Relaxation Section

One main part of having a garden has to be the fact that it provides you with a space in which you can relax and forget about the worries of life and work. It has long been proven that being outside, connecting with nature, and tending to flowers all help with low feelings and increase your mental well-being so it is really important that you can create a section in this space where you can sit back and just relax. Your sectioning idea here could come in the form of a patio with a comfortable chair or sun lounger. A place where you can sit and look over your lovely garden and appreciate what you have. Another idea is to have a hidey-hole area that gives you a little bit of privacy, maybe with the help of trees and shrubbery and then using these to attach a hammock – the ultimate relaxation tool.

How About a Play Area For Your Large Garden

If you have children you will fully understand the pros of being able to provide them with their very own play area. Some popular ideas for this would be a mud kitchen, an area to dig, a sandpit, a climbing frame and their own garden patch. This will give them the space to play freely as they need without it encroaching on your favourite areas (i.e. protecting your plants and flower beds!)

Entertainment Section

Being able to entertain in your large garden is a bonus, isn’t it? Smaller gardens can be tricky to make this comfortably happen but in a large garden you could add a patio dancefloor, a large dining table, lighting, heat lamps for the chilly evenings and maybe even an outdoor kitchen. This dedicated section of your garden will allow you to host a wide variety of get together’s all through the summer.

Make Room For a Work Space

If you work from home or are looking to, a garden room makes for the perfect place in which to carry out your day job whatever that may be. It can be an office, a fitness studio, an art studio and so much more. Not only will this allow you to gain the privacy, quiet and space you require, it will also mean that you can leave work in “the office” and not have it inside the house with you. A garden room is perfect for a large garden as you will have a lot of land area to play around with and be able to design the right building for your needs.

Wildflower Area

Not only will a wildflower area in your garden look absolutely beautiful but it will also attract and aid insects and wildlife plus it needs minimal maintenance. Simply throw some wildflowers seed in your chosen area and watch as they take to the soil and begin to grow and bloom. Your garden will be blessed with an array of wonderful flowers all through the summer and as they die back you can simply leave them to self-seed for the following year. A very easy way of creating a manageable section.

Water Feature

sectioning ideas for a large garden

A water feature makes a wonderful focal point in any garden but the benefit of having a larger garden is that you can really have your pick of the choices available. Whether you want a large fish pond, a waterfall feature, a stream running through the lawn, a small rockery or several that link and make a stunning feature all the way down your outdoor space, the choice is yours. There are lots of ideas here.

Low Maintenance Planting

All gardens need plants and flowers for both aesthetics and to attract wildlife but by carefully choosing plants that will need little maintenance will make your garden far more manageable. Steer clear of seasonal flowers and of those that will need constant attention in order to get a good bloom (roses for example) and instead opt for evergreens, shrubs, perennials such as alpines, lavender, climbers etc that will die back but return year after year. Most will simply need a tidy up, some deadheading and cutting back once or twice a year in order to promote healthy growth and the rest of the time you can just sit back and enjoy.

Hopefully, these sectioning ideas have given you a little inspiration for making your large garden more manageable.

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