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plants in a large garden office

Creative Style Ideas to Make Your Large Garden Office Look Loved

It’s easy for a large garden office to look sparse. Modern working conditions mean that it’s unlikely you’ll need a lot of space to get the job done. In most cases a traditional computer and desk set up will suffice, or even the use of a laptop alone will work.

The reason garden offices are popular is not necessarily the extra space they create. For lots of people, it’s the peace and quiet that’s priceless.

The trouble with setting up an office in your garden then only taking up a tiny corner of the room is that  it can make the office seem empty. Using the room for extra storage could be one way of making use of the space, but it doesn’t make for the most pleasant view when you look away from the computer.

Instead of filling the room with unsightly storage boxes, why not make the most of it? Create a beautiful home office that you look forward to spending most of your working week in.

Style Ideas for Your Large Garden Office

Once you’ve got your workstation set up and functioning, its time to add some creative flair to your interior style. It’s easy to make your office look both welcoming and stylish with a few carefully chosen accessories.

Accessorise Your Large Garden Office With Beautiful Storage

Although the work you do might not need much storage, items that are traditionally used as storage can fill a space and make the room look more finished. A decorative bookshelf can be a fantastic addition to a home office.

If you don’t need to use it for storage, you can put together a stylish backdrop to add an air of professionalism in zoom calls. Arrange your books in colour-order and add modern ornaments or framed photos to fill empty shelves.

Every Home Office Needs a Mirror

It might seem like mirrors are best for decorating bedrooms, hallways and bathrooms, but an office needs one too! Mirrors tend to make rooms look a little bigger, and can reflect light depending on where they’re positioned. So a mirror can help make your office feel light and airy. 

large garden office mirror

Mirrors are also great for decoration. Antique inspired mirrors are currently on-trend, or mirror tiles are popular with more minimalist interior designs.

Aside from their aesthetics, mirror are handy on a practical level. You don’t want to wait for your Zoom call to start before you notice you’ve got Nutella on your cheek or spaghetti on your tie. Having a mirror in your office means you can flatten that cow lick before a video call, and check your appearance before any in-person client meetings.

Add Plants to Finish the Look

Plants often make interior styling look finished. Big organisations love to display fresh flowers at reception. If your large garden office is big enough to have client meetings, flowers might add to the professional look.

If you’re unlucky with plants, something hard to kill might be preferred. Cacti and succulents don’t need a lot of care, they only need watering occasionally. This means if you forget about them for a little while, they’ll still thrive.

Follow these styling suggestions and your large garden office will be a pleasant place to work from home.

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