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light and airy garden room design

Achieving a Light and Airy Interior Design in Your Garden Room

A garden room is a fantastic addition to your home for many reasons – extra space, a place for work, a hobby room, a playroom, dining room and so on. And whatever you use it for, you’ll no doubt want it to look and feel just right. One way of achieving this is by creating a light and airy interior design that will always feel fresh and clean, won’t go out of date and will be a calming space to be within.

Here are a few ways in which to achieve a light and airy design in your garden room


Start by choosing your paint colours carefully. Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to paint everything white or cream to achieve a light and airy look. Ice blues and light greens or other muted and neutral colours can also open a room up and help to reflect natural light.

Natural Light

Talking of which… Whatever your space, you will want to let in as much natural light as possible. This is most definitely easily achieved in a garden room thanks to their large bi-folding doors and windows. You could also ensure that any shadows from outside are resolved by cutting back trees and hedges. It is also a good idea to avoid heavy fabrics for your curtains. Lighter, sheer curtains will add to that airy feeling.

Soft Lighting

Despite your best efforts, there are some times when natural sunlight just isn’t enough (hello UK!) To enhance on what you do have, add soft lighting provided by lamps and avoid harsh fluorescent light bulbs in your main lighting options.

light and airy garden room design


When choosing furniture, it’s best to choose pieces that don’t overwhelm the room. The key here is to leave plenty of open space in order to achieve that light and airy feel. As with the paint colours, light and muted shades for your furniture will also work best. However, if you don’t have the funds to replace the furniture you currently own, why not add a simple lick of paint and upcycle those pieces to create something light and beautiful?

Soft Furnishings

Soft furnishings really do bring a style together and choosing just the right ones will help to really seal that light and airy interior design you are after. Cream throws, a variety of sizes in cushions, a light fluffy rug and as we mentioned before, light curtains or drapes will make your garden room feel homely and welcoming but will still give the impression of being airy.

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