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Lockdown Living Leads To Huge Increase In Demand For Garden Rooms

This week the BBC reported on the increase in demand in garden rooms and it’s not hard to see why. With more people working from home, kids needing space to homeschool, adults requiring a place in which to exercise and/or relax, a garden room can provide for all of these needs. With some companies seeing a whopping 300% rise in sales let’s take a look at what is being said, why they are beneficial and why they are helping.

Working From Home

As we are all very aware, there are a lot of people who are currently working from home and, for some, this has been the case for a whole year. Having a dedicated place to work from is now more important than ever because it just isn’t sustainable to be working from a sofa or a noisy kitchen table for the long term. With many suffering from lack of motivation, lower productiveness, poor posture and new aches and pains, the change to a home office that can provide a healthy working environment has been welcomed.

It is also proven that psychologically, we all need some distance between home and our working life whether that be a different room, a small walk, a door that can close on the “office” at the end of the day. This allows you to forget about the housework and everything that goes with it during the working day and then being able to leave your work behind in the evenings. If you work and rest in the living room everything begins to intertwine and you become more divided between what is most important to do.

Not to mention the fact that a garden room also gives you the professional space in which to take zoom calls:

“The average shed buyer is getting younger. Once the domain of gardening glove-wearing, trowel-wielding pensioners, the garden shed has now become the scene of smart-casual Zoom calls”

BBC News

garden rooms for homeschooling

Garden Rooms for Homeschooling

With homeschooling becoming the norm for each lockdown, getting your children to focus and learn within the home has been reported as becoming more and more difficult. The first lockdown almost felt like a novelty. Time off school, the sun was shining, schoolwork could be done in the garden and so on. With having this lockdown in the colder months, everybody is feeling those winter blues even more so than usual. There isn’t a garden to enjoy comfortably, the walks are now wet and muddy and schoolwork is often online, via zoom or videos. A bustling house with everybody at home just isn’t working for many families and having garden rooms to turn into official homeschools has been a popular option. The children can still get into their uniforms (if it helps), they can still have their walk to school, they go to a dedicated classroom and have the right environment in which to learn. They can then have their breaktimes back inside the house where they feel it is right to relax and then return to the garden for further learning. At the end of this new “school day”, they can then return home and leave the books, the equipment and the mess behind them.

Time For You

Being stuck at home is having a detrimental effect on many people’s mental health right now. If you can’t get to your gym, swimming pool, weekly exercise class etc. then you may well be feeling sluggish and low. Garden rooms can be whatever you need them to be, from a gym to a yoga studio, a place to dance or paint, a reading room or spa. You can easily transform this space to suit your current needs and once this is all over, it can be turned into something completely different. Taking time for yourself right now is so important but just like with work, it can be difficult to focus on that when you are always inside the house. Taking yourself away to a dedicated space for your activity will allow you to work on you and then return home to relax.

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