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Are Luxe Garden Rooms Suitable for Home Beauty Businesses?

Many professionals in the beauty industry are keen to branch out on their own, but setting up a salon can be costly. Luxe garden rooms are becoming a popular alternative for those who love the idea of becoming their own boss (but don’t love the price tag of renting a salon).

The beauty industry is made up of thousands of small businesses. It seems a common goal is to become your own boss once you’ve qualified in your field.

While there is a simple way to do this without  premises (i.e. work as a mobile professional) working from one location certainly has is its positives.

For one, the lack of travelling to customers is a huge bonus. It means no time is lost between appointments. This not only allows for a more productive day, but means no petrol is used, so the business outgoings are lower.

Another pro is that clients always know where to find you, which might allow for walk-in appointments during quiet days.

Luxe Garden Rooms: Are They Suitable for Your Beauty Business?

Renting a salon can be costly, especially in the early days when you’re just starting out. Luxe garden rooms are an option that lots of beauty business owners are beginning to consider. If they already have a garden room, the cost to set it up is minimal. Otherwise, building luxe garden rooms can be considered an investment, but are they suitable for your beauty business?

Some beauty businesses lend themselves to setting up a salon in a garden room better than others. Below a list of different beauty businesses are considered for their compatibility with operating from a garden room.

Luxe Garden Rooms Beauty business

Nail Bar

Setting up as a self-employed nail technician is relatively easy once you’ve got the kit and the right experience. It has relatively low start-up costs and it is possible to operate as a mobile business in the early as you build your client base. Ideally, nail treatments need to be done in a well-ventilated room due to the chemicals used. This means that if you’re planning to work from a luxe garden room, it’s important to take care and ensure a good air flow. 


Usually hairdressing businesses need running water and good drainage. Although cutting hair can be done dry, lots of treatments such as dyes, perms and deep conditioning require hair to be washed at some point during the visit. This means your garden room needs to be kitted out accordingly.

Luxe Garden Rooms Beauty business

Eyebrow Bar

Eyebrows are big news in the beauty stakes these days. Waxing, threading, and dying is now the norm and an eyebrow-only business can thrive. Very few special considerations are needed for this type of business as running water isn’t a necessity and strong chemical fumes are unlikely. All your garden salon really needs is power for lighting and to heat the wax.

Makeup Artist

Makeup artists were among the first in the industry to utilise luxe garden rooms for their business. Much like an eyebrow bar, very few special considerations are needed other than good lighting and some power outlets. This type of beauty venture is incredibly well suited to a garden room.

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