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Luxury Garden Sheds: Revamp or Replace?

Luxury garden sheds have been a hot topic in recent years. Ever since the TV show Amazing Spaces ran a Shed of the Year special people have gone mad for impressive garden structures. 

Entrants of the Shed of the Year contests have provided inspiration for many a clever shed owner. Even if you don’t have your sights set on winning any competitions in the near future, a luxury or interesting shed is a great project to work on.

The wonderful thing about sheds is that they can do so much more than transform your garden. They can give you a secure place for your gardening tools, a quiet area to work on hobbies, they can even double as a living space There are some really cleverly designed luxury garden sheds out there to base your aspirations on, but should you revamp or is it time to rebuild to create the shed of your dreams?

Luxury Garden Sheds: Inspiration for Project

Turning your shed into a luxury garden spot is as much about the project as the end result. Working on something special that ends in an amazing outcome is great for the soul. Having a hobby project with a goal to work towards is known to reduce stress and increase life enrichment, but what will you do with your shed? Will you revamp it or will rebuilding be a better option?

Consider the luxury shed projects below and consider whether working on your existing structure will be better than building a new one. 

A Cinema Shed

As luxury garden sheds go, a cinema shed is one or the easiest to recreate. Done simply, the minimum you need to do is arrange a plain white wall for the film to be projected onto and add some chairs. For the whole shebang, you might be able to get your hands on a couple of rows of theatre chairs that you could re-upholster and install. 

Adding a power supply can mean you are able to set up a popcorn machine, a coffee maker and even a soda stream for refreshments! Add some vintage movie posters for a fantastic finishing touch.

If your existing shed is small, your home cinema may need to be scaled-back. If you want an impressive garden cinema, consider building a new shed with larger dimensions.

A Hobbit House

a hobbit house - luxury garden sheds

Creating a Hobbit House from your existing shed can be one of the simpler shed projects. As the name suggests, the space can afford to be small and the accessories, rustic. What’s so great about kitting your shed out as a hobbit house is that tools don’t look out of place. 

Install wooden worktops and choose rustic-looking furniture with vintage textiles. It would make a great place to enjoy a cuppa and since into escapism with a good book. 

Since rustic is the look you’re going for, even a dilapidated starting point means you’ll be fine to revamp.

A TV-Lover’s Retreat

A garden sitting room is a common choice, but revamping your shed could be a big job. For a sitting room to function all year round, insulation, heating and a power supply are all essential. Although these factors are doable, attempting them alone is a big job. Going down the revamp route might need to involve hiring some help.

For a luxury shed sitting room that has plenty of space and will last a long time, consider designing and building from the ground up.

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