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Making Your Garden Shed Office Work For You

So, you have decided to have a garden shed office

You have your perfect spot picked out, but what else do you need to consider?

This space has to work for you and also be an enjoyable space to be in because it is where you are going to be spending a lot of your time in the near future. It needs to be functional, comfortable, warm, a nice area to work within and a place where you feel that you can be productive.

To help you out with your planning here are our ideas to help make your garden shed office work for you. 

Natural Light

When talking through your plans with the garden office company you are using, ensure that you discuss the importance of natural light. Studies have shown that people are far more productive at work when they have plenty of light and can enhance creativity. As you will also have a gorgeous view of your garden, use this to plan where your windows would best be placed, the size of them and where your large bi-fold doors should be fitted. Our best advice would be to plan your build out on the ground in your garden and have a play around with where your desk would be, where seating would work and which view would be more favourable from your workspace.

garden shed office with natural light


If you want your garden shed office to work for you, you will need to get connected. And by that, I mean electricity plus internet. Yes, you will have your amazing natural light but you will need added lighting for those darker days or even for evenings, you’ll also need to be able to power your office equipment, your kettle and have sockets for charging up your phone and so on. When planning your build, you will need to make sure that you decide on enough power points, that you have an electrician booked in to bring the electric from your home to your house and to also check whether your Wi-Fi will reach out to your new build or whether you’ll need a separate router/hub/booster. 


Now, this will highly depend on what it is you do for a living and how much storage you require. If you know you will be producing a lot of documents, you will want to plan for plenty of space for filing cabinets in your garden shed office. If you create larger pieces of work, you may want to consider large in-built units, cupboards and shelves where you can store everything you will need and produce. 

garden shed office ideas for any budget


A desk is a given for your office but as you can make this space work for you and just you there is so much more that you could also consider. How about a seated desk plus a standing desk? Studies have shown that some people are far more productive when they stand up or move their workspace around. Having an area to be able to relax in for breaks is also very important. Your room should provide you with everything you need throughout your day so why not think about adding a small sofa, a comfy chair and a coffee table too?


Bye-bye standard office colours and tired decor and hello to anything you want! Yes, this is where you can make your space your own and really make your garden shed office work for you. A splash of colour, a feature wall, big bold images, large mirror, fluffy rug, a variety of stunning tropical plants, whatever your taste, you can go wild in your new garden build and this will mean you will enjoy being at work even more. 

Special Extras

This area is yours and this means you can add any special extras to make your garden shed office work. A few of our ideas include adding a mini-fridge so that you can keep your lunch and milk/drinks fresh or how about an air conditioning unit to cool your room in the summer? A TV to keep up to date on the news during the day and a catch up on your favourite programme on your lunch break.

How about an Alexa to play you music on demand? A full-length chalkboard to note down ideas during a conference call or brainstorming session? Or would you benefit from having a large screen for presentation prep? Whatever your needs, use your space accordingly and plan your home office down to the smallest detail in order to get a fantastic workspace.

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