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Small Garden Rooms Can Create a Surprising Amount of Space

Small garden rooms don’t sound like they can do much in the way of increasing your living space. They conjure images of a tiny summer house with only enough room for a couple of chairs and somewhere to park your drink. Thankfully, this isn’t the case.

When it comes to small garden rooms, you choose the size and style that’s best suited to your garden. This could mean a traditional square garden sitting room, or something more bespoke. When you’re planning a room from scratch, there are plenty of choices to be had!

How Small Garden Rooms Can Work for You

When your house runs out of space and everything feels cramped, it’s time to look at you garden. Specifically, how much of your garden you need, and how much can be re-purposed into extra living space. The great thing about having a garden room built is that is can be as big or little as you need.

The main thing to consider is what exactly you need an extra room for. If your sitting room is feeling a little cramped, an extra one outdoors could solve your problems. If there are far more people than bedrooms, a garden bedroom should do the job. Whatever your needs, they should be factored in to the building of your small garden room.

Search for the perfect compact furniture

If your garden room is truly small, you’ll need to be smart with your furniture choices. For sitting rooms, opt for seating that has hidden storage and drinks tables that can be folded away. Attach your TV to a wall bracket and enjoy a sitting room that feels much bigger than it looks.

Planning on using your garden room as a bedroom? Choose a bed that has a dual function – for example, a bed that can be turned into a sofa when the guests aren’t in town. Another option is a folding bed that can be packed away when not in use.

Small garden rooms built for entertaining need to be extra savvy. Look into table and chairs sets that can be packed away into bookcases. This allows you to mix up the seating depending on the social occasion.

keep small garden rooms free of clutter

Keep it clutter-free

Once your garden room is fully in action, it can be tempting to gradually fill it with clutter. All living spaces tend to be clutter-magnets, meaning that you probably feel very at home in your new room if clutter has crept in.

Managing clutter in your new room should be relatively easy – you’re starting with a blank canvas after all. Because your room is in the garden and you have to leave the house to get there, stop and think about what’s in your hand before you make your way over. Do you need it in your garden room? Will you use it in there a lot? Is there anywhere to store it? These are all the questions you should be asking yourself before you bring anything across. 

Things like books and hobbies you pick up intermittently might be better off kept in the house. Things you’ll use regularly will benefit from having their own special place to store them when they’re not in use. If you’re holding something that will never be used in your garden room, leave it in the main house and don’t let it enter your garden room under any circumstances!

Being vigilant with clutter helps small garden rooms feel much more spacious than they really are.

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