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Want To Make The Most Of Your Small Garden? Here Are Some Tips

When you have a home with a small garden you may think that any grand ideas for it are completely off-limits due to the lack of space but with some clever planning and by using a theme that will allow your garden to flow, you can most certainly create a garden to be proud of. Making the most of a small garden doesn’t have to be as hard as you may think.

Small Garden summer house ideas

Allow Your Ideas To Flow

First off, you need your garden theme. What designs do you love? What ideas have you seen that you think will look good in your garden? Do you want a water feature? Yes, of course, you can have a water feature in a small garden! And how about the plants? Don’t be scared to go big and bold, as long as the garden flows from section to section and you have areas which complement each other you can make almost anything work. 

A few ideas that you may love:

Tropical- a wide variety of large, medium and small plants. Water features, plenty of greenery, oversized pots, prints painted on walls/fences.

English Rose Garden- Classic and delicate. Windy paths that feature roses growing over arches. Soft colours, small plant pots on a patio with iron furniture.

A touch of Japan- Japanese trees, rock gardens, water features, statues, tones of reds and oranges.

Mediterranean- Succulents, rocky areas, large terracotta pots, stony pathway, bright colours including fuschia pink.

Use Every Space Available

Now, this may sound like it would be overkill but when you are faced with a small garden you need to utilise what you have. By this I mean, use the corners for feature plants or statues. Use walls for climbers such as a Clematis or Honeysuckle. Place fun objects where you can, like wind chimes from an arch, ornaments on a fence, glass decorations on the ground where they can catch the light. All of these ideas will add extra interest and will help to create a space you will fall in love with. 

Patio or Decking?

It’s always nice to have an area for family meals, drinks, entertaining and for sitting and looking over your garden from. Whether to opt for a patio or decking area is going to be a purely personal decision and with such a variety available to you it is something you will want to consider carefully. A hardwearing patio will last you longer than decking and the maintenance will most probably only be a power spray once a year to remove any dirt or green. Decking will look lovely when freshly painted and will tie in beautifully with certain themes but it will need extra care and attention, especially after the winter months. If your garden can accommodate it, you could possibly have a large patio area for your main dining area and then a smaller decked area for sitting by a water feature.

Decking/patio area - best use of small garden spaces

Dedicated Areas

Next plan those dedicated areas which you would like as focal points within your garden. Imagine walking through and each section telling a story. A path leading to a chill-out zone full of wonderfully fragrant flowers and herbs (lavender, Rosemary, Thyme), from here you may want to go on and see a small water feature with a seat. How about a play area section for a mud kitchen? And eventually ending the walk at a gorgeous garden building such as a summer house. Your small garden will no longer seem quite as small, but will instead feel exciting and interesting and will give you different areas to enjoy throughout the day.

The Summerhouse

When making the most of a small garden you need to really think about those finer details. Your planning needs to cover all of your needs but don’t let the size talk you out of including something beautiful like a summerhouse because these will make any sized garden. You will be amazed at how easily a garden building can slot into a corner or at the end of a garden. And to ensure that this doesn’t stick out like a sore thumb, tie that theme in with this building too. Your interiors could match your soft furnishings on the patio, your planting could continue around the summerhouse, using pots and window boxes. This could then flow inside as smaller indoor plants on shelves or large pots stood in the corners. You could also paint your summerhouse to match your theme. All of these small things will help to create a stunning focal point and will complete your small garden look.

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