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turn your garden room into a meditation space

How You Can Transform Your Garden Room into a Meditation Space

When your life is busy, work is stressful, when there is always something to remember for the kid’s school or you spend the week dashing from here to there, it is beneficial to squeeze in some relaxation time for both your mental and physical health. However, finding that space within the house can often be tricky, especially if the chores piling up make you feel guilty or when everybody else is home and there is too much noise. When engaging in the art of meditation, it is imperative that you can sink into your thoughts without any distractions and interruptions which is why having a garden room as a meditation space is a perfect solution. Here are a few ideas on how you can transform your building into the space you need.

Embrace The Minimalism

When it comes to styling your garden room to create your meditation space you may instinctively want to fill it with keepsakes, trinkets, pretty items you’ve seen on Instagram but, in actual fact, the best thing you can do is halt the spending. Less is more when it comes to creating a space like this, think of the cluttered home leads to a cluttered mind phrase. The more you fill your room up, the less likely you are to fully unwind as the space becomes a distraction. On top of this, it will also lead to more work as you will need to dust and tidy your garden room as much as you have to inside your house. The minimalist approach will allow you to feel calm, to embrace the open space and to drift away and switch off.

turn your garden room into a meditation space

Choose Stone and Pastel Shades

Light and pastel shades used on the walls, the soft furnishings and furniture will make your meditation space feel larger, cleaner, fresher as well as less busy. You will be able to meditate away in this calming atmosphere.

Soft Bo-Ho Furnishings

When it comes to choosing those soft furnishings, going with a theme such as bo-ho will fit in perfectly for this type of room. Large cushions, hemp rugs, bold textiles, wooden ornaments and chairs as well as macrame wall hangings will make your room feel as though it is inviting you in for that meditation session.

Let There Be Natural Light in Your Meditation Space

Natural light is so important during times of relaxation. Artificial lighting can be straining on your eyes, be too bright whilst your eyes are closed and alter the entire feel of a room. Having natural light streaming through the doors and windows will immediately lighten your mood, it will make your meditation room feel airy and inviting and should make the experience more enjoyable.

Connect With Nature

The joy of having a garden room as a meditation space is that you are out in your green space and you can simply throw open the doors and connect with nature. Listening to the bird song, maybe to the gentle trickling of water from the water feature, hearing the raindrops, the wind and feeling a light breeze on your face will all add to your meditative experience and help you to fully unwind from your hectic day or week.

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