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Five different types of desk for your modern garden office

Buying furniture for your brand new modern garden office can be a minefield. The office desk is probably the biggest – both in terms of size and financial outlay – of these furniture purchases so you want to get it right!

Here are some types of desk you could consider for your new modern garden office.

Standard wooden or composite computer desk

Likely to be the cheapest option, you can get a standard desk in any size, finish or material. The most common are wood, metal or particle board composite material, or a combination of these.

Solid wood desks are extremely durable. If it gets a scratch you can simply sand it out; or if you decide that you don’t like the look or want to change up the theme of your office, you can sand and re-stain or paint it. Wooden office desks are usually more expensive than their particle board counterparts as the base material is a lot more expensive. Being made from solid wood means they are extremely heavy, so you may need help putting your new desk in situ or moving it about.

A veneered particle board desk is likely to be the cheapest option, but it can look just as good as wood if a little less durable; once the veneer is scratched there is no sanding that out.

Metal legs are common particularly paired with a composite worktop.

Simple desks without draws – such as writing desks – can look great in a modern garden office as they give real minimalist vibes, but you need to make sure that you don’t let it get cluttered as this is awful for productivity!

Desk with integrated storage

A little bulkier but useful if you require somewhere to store files, folders and other work related things that would otherwise clutter your desk. These are available in a range of materials and dozens of sizes and layouts.

I would always prioritise a desk with storage just to be able to tidy up at the end of the day, but if you have a lot of filing cabinets it may not be necessary.

Standing desk

modern garden office desk

A standing desk is a desk that, rather than being chair height, you use from a standing position. There are loads of benefits.

For a start, standing desks have repeatedly been shown to be beneficial to your health and wellbeing. People who sit down for long periods every day put themselves at increased risk of diabetes, heart disease and earlier death – and sitting obviously burns fewer calories than standing and has been linked to weight gain. They’re also better for your posture and for your back.

According to Healthline, standing desks have even been shown to improve mode and energy levels too; a study showed that 87% of people who used standing desks reported increased vigour and energy which is another great benefit.

Sit to stand desk

A sit to stand desk gives you options to stand or sit down while working. This can be changes manually or at the touch of a button if you get an electronic standing desk. These provide all the benefits of a standing desk but with a practical option for those times you just want to sit down!

If you want a truly modern garden office, then an electronic sit to stand desk is a must!

Desk bike

And finally, the desk bike is a fun little machine which means you can workout while you work! The idea of the Desk Bike is that you can can do some light cardio while you’re working, watching TV or reading. It uses magnetic resistance so you can get your legs a decent workout quietly while you work!

They don’t come with large worktops or a lot of storage but for occasional use in your new modern garden office then why not try one?

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