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modern garden summerhouse

Add Value to Your Home in 2023 With a Modern Garden Summerhouse

Many of us are always on the lookout for great ways in which to increase the value of homes and a lot of these can be quite simple. From improving the decor to creating a driveway, installing double or triple glazing or even building a modern garden summerhouse, all can have a positive effect. So naturally, we are about to explain how the latter can add around 5% to the value of your home in 2023.

How a modern garden summerhouse can add value

Increased Floor Space

As soon as you add another room to your house whether that be a garage conversion, an extension or a garden room, you increase the floor space and this equals a higher home value. Everybody is always seeking a house that will give them all their family needs and space is a huge benefit for a happy home life because that increased space can be used in whatever way you require as we will look at now…

Home Office

Home working has seen a massive increase in recent years and being able to provide a dedicated space for this in 2023 is a surefire way of adding value to your home. If you will be looking to sell in the future, this is certainly one bonus you could provide for those prospective buyers and the best thing about having a garden office is that it will well and truly keep work and home life separate.

Home Gym

Not only will a home gym add value but it will also save you money in the long run because once it is complete you can go right ahead and cancel that gym membership! This addition to your home will not just be beneficial to your bank balance though, it will also be for your physical and also your mental well-being.

modern garden summerhouse

Kids Playroom

When we have kids, we inevitably also have toys… lots and lots of toys! And as the typical UK home isn’t built with a playroom, it can be very tricky to house these extra items and provide your children with the play area they need. A modern garden summerhouse makes the ideal space for this as it is warm, comfortable, soundproofed, spacious and can be tailored to all of your needs and wants. The kids will absolutely love having this dedicated place in which to engage in play and your home will stay clutter and (slightly) mess-free.

Hobby Room

Of course, having a place where you can carry out your much-loved hobby is also highly desirable and a real selling point for your home. A Garden Room could become your knitting room, reading room, gaming room, art room, yoga studio, music room or even cinema room. It is very easy to create the space you need and will go on to love but even if your tastes change, the garden room can be changed quite simply too. Another bonus of investing in a room like this is that it can literally become whatever you need it to be.

So, will a modern garden summerhouse be on your shopping list for 2023? If you are interested in adding value to your home as well as your lifestyle get in touch with us today.

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