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modern living room ideas

Modern Living Room Ideas – Thinking Outside of The Box!

When it comes to creating a space you love within your home it can be easy to fall into the trap of just simply using what you have but what if you stopped and thought outside of the box with this? What if you could create something new, fun, interesting, a place to inspire? We have a few modern living room ideas that could completely change the way in which you view your home living space.

A Room With A View

Have you ever been to a holiday home that is what we call “upside down”? They are usually quite a popular style near the sea, in holiday destinations such as Cornwall but I often wonder why this isn’t the norm? Especially if you live in a place with a view to die for! Most UK homes are built with the living room, kitchen and dining room all on the ground floor with the bedrooms being located upstairs… Now, what if you switched this? What IF you chose the upstairs room with the most light, the one with the best atmosphere, the quietest room and the one with a fantastic view and changed this into a modern living room? You could even make more of this room by converting the window space into a balcony, allowing you to throw open those doors and really take in that wonderful skyline. Wouldn’t this make your living room space feel so much more inviting? More relaxing? More wow?!!

Modern Living Room Ideas

A Modern Garden Living Room

Let’s take the ideas to the next level – what if your modern living room wasn’t inside your home at all?! Sounds crazy, doesn’t it? But what is stopping you from doing what you really want with your own property? A garden room is a great way of adding extra space to your home without the need for disruption to your house as an extension would create. This would not only free up space inside of your home (maybe you could now use this as a dining room?) but it would also give you a larger modern living room, a place the whole family could enjoy, the perfect venue for movie nights, a quiet room for reflection after a long day at work and let’s not forget the lovely view across the garden.

A Touch of Glass

And our last modern living room idea is to transform your current (or maybe even new) conservatory or orangery to give you a classy and relaxing space. If you already have one of these attached to your home but it feels quite dated or dingy, why not update it and create a living room that is full of light? Having a room that is built around glass windows will allow you to enjoy the sun during the day and admire the starry skies at night. To add to the modern look why not add a wide variety of large plants, large corner lamps, fairy lights, impressive art pieces and cosy furniture? This will most certainly create a living room to impress.

Have these modern living room ideas given you some inspiration for your upcoming house changes? Which one takes your fancy the most? If it’s the garden room why not get in touch with us today?

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