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Four Ways You Can Create More Space In Your Home

There are lots of reasons that people can find they need more space in their home. Maybe their family is expanding, their children are getting older and want their own space, or maybe they are now working from home and need a new home office.

Most people will start thinking about moving, however it isn’t always the best option. Right now, the property market is facing uncertain times. With increasing interest rates, the news has reported an increase house chains are falling apart which is enormously frustrating and stressful. Add that to the costs of the move itself and the mental toll of the upheaval, particularly if you have kids in tow, and many people decide that they would prefer to stay in the property they already own and look at ways to gain more space in their existing home.

Making more space in your home

There are really only a few ways to create more space within the home you live in; namely an internal renovation/conversion, an extension, or having a new garden room build. Each option has pros and cons, so it’s best to weigh up what you need, how much you can afford to spend and whether it might be easier or more cost effective to move.

Planning a loft conversion

loft conversion for more space in home

A loft conversion is a popular choice when it comes to needing more space as, although they can take a while and there can be dust, noise and mess, it is generally less intrusive than an full blown property extension.

They also take up little space from your property depending on the kind of access you decide on; loft stairs don’t take up much room at all but are for more occasional use. For a permanent staircase to be built will require taking some space from your property but there are various space saving solutions you can opt for.

Loft conversions are often made into bedrooms or home offices and work well for either. Usually, your loft will be a light and airy space with lots of storage. Loft conversions usually have a few skylights installed, bathing the room in bright, natural light.

One of the downsides of a loft conversion is that the sloping eaves can make it hard to find furniture to fit, and getting solid furniture up loft stairs can be impossible. Fitted wardrobes for loft conversions can solve these problems and help you to make the most of the space.

Converting your garage

If you have a garage that is only used to store junk then the space could be better put to use as part of the living space of the house. As the structure is there, it is much cheaper than a brand new extension, and can cause less disruption.

A garage conversion can be the perfect home office, or even put to use as a bedroom.

Extending your property

extend for more space in your home

Building an extension on your home is a great way to create more room. Providing you have the space and the planning permission, you can be really flexible with what you build. A two-storey extension vastly increase your living space.

A popular extension around the home is to take the kitchen further out into the drive or garden and add a utility room. Lots of people add a home office too as it’s a quiet part of the house and away from the hustle and bustle of the family living area. Extending on the floor above too can create even more options for a workspace.

As with the loft conversion, this can be a rather long and messy project, and it is by far the most expensive option. If you have the patience the extra rooms made for you are usually worth the wait. Especially if you get several rooms out of the building work.

Building a garden room

And finally; garden rooms are another fantastic multipurpose addition to a home, often favoured as an office room.

The great thing is that they can be constructed relatively quickly; ours was up and electricity was connected within two days. In most cases, they don’t need planning permission (although you should always check) and they don’t create the mess and upheaval renovations and extensions create. They’re also cheaper than an extension or loft conversion, depending on the size of the project and whether you want it fully insulated etc, they can cost less than £20,000.


While home improvements are always a good idea and can add value to your property, if you are planning to move house in the near future, the upheaval of changes might outweigh the benefits. Don’t rush into anything and always seek advice from professionals before going ahead.

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