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Why I Love My Home Garden Office

This post is written by Fran, who is a self-employed freelance writer and blogger. She works from her home garden office, and tells us what she loves about it!

Why we built our home garden office

My home garden office was built back in 2016.

At the time, we were considering extending the house, which ended up happening a year later. In the meantime we needed a quicker and cheaper solution when my husband was suddenly given the option to work from home a large percentage of the time.

home garden office being built

We didn’t have a spare room that could be turned into an office, and sitting on the sofa with a laptop just isn’t as productive as having a dedicated space, especially with the TV right there to distract you!

Although it took a few months for the home garden office to be ordered in, once work started it took less than two days for the new building to be erected and electricity to be connected. After varnishing the inside and outside it was ready to furnish and use!

What we use it for

The home garden office is used by both my husband and I both to work and to store everything work-related so that it doesn’t infiltrate the house.

There is electricity and wifi which makes it a great space for online meetings without the possibility of kids wandering in.

It can be heated and used all year around, although I do wish we’d gone with an insulated garden building sometimes, especially in the winter months!

home garden office

The benefits of a home garden office

Since having the office installed, my husband has saved hours every day on his commute. It means he can take the kids to school in the mornings and be there to answer the door if I’m out. He can pop in for lunch too, so it actually saves us a lot of money!

As a freelance writer as well as a stay-at-home parent, when it’s my turn to work in the office, it gives me the space to think and write distraction-free, away from all the other jobs I am supposed to be doing, clutter I should be clearing, the washing in the machine that needs putting out.

It means that if I’m home I can shut myself away from the children and the noise, take calls and at least give the impression of professionalism!

It also gives me space to store everything so that I’m not tripping over it all the time – and I’m not tempted to pull my laptop out at 10pm just to answer that quick email…

If you are considering a home garden office, here are eight great reasons to get one.

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