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Will My Neighbours Object To My New Garden Room

Will My Neighbours Object To My New Garden Room?

Making the decision to make changes to your home and garden will come with a lot of planning, careful consideration and lengthy discussions with planners and builders. If you are considering adding an outdoor building to your garden, like a garden room, this can have many benefits for you but what happens if your neighbours object to your garden room?

Planning Permission

As long as your chosen garden room is no higher than 2.5m from the bottom of the building to the top of the roof (if within 2m of the boundary), if it does not take up 50% or more of your garden and isn’t being used as sleeping quarters you don’t actually need to gain planning permission for the build. However… Just because you do not need to get the ok from authorities, it IS always courteous to speak with your neighbours to explain your plans, go over the build details, and answer their questions.


Communication is key especially when it comes to keeping the peace in your neighbourhood. It may feel awkward when a neighbour questions what you are doing on your own property and gives their perspective but in order to allow you all to still live happily next to one another it is really important to hear them out and help to put them at ease. Sometimes a person can jump the gun and immediately object to your ideas but by sitting down over a cuppa and discussing your plans in depth, you’ll be showing how willing you are to ensure it doesn’t affect their own space which in turn will help to reassure them and hopefully change their mind.

Careful Planning

It should go without saying that your garden room shouldn’t encroach on your neighbour’s boundary or garden in any way whatsoever and a reputable garden room company will be able to fully advise on the best location. Top tips from us include keeping 2m from the boundary, keeping away from overhanging trees as much as possible (trees and responsibility for cutting back etc can cause a lot of neighbour issues), checking where roots to trees and bushes may run under your garden and looking at whether a shadow could be caused from your garden room into another person’s garden. Take some time to just observe the surroundings and take others’ perspectives into account so that your neighbours won’t have reason to object to your garden room.

A Mindful Build

Another way you can help to make your build go smoothly without disrupting your neighbours is simply by being mindful during the erecting process. Ask your garden room company or builders to be considerate about where they park, the access they use, where tools and materials are left and to also be mindful of the amount of noise made. If you do get complaints from your neighbours, you can feedback that you have already taken steps to ensure that the job gets done quickly and efficiently but you can also reassure them that you will ask again. Showing willingness to help will keep your neighbours happy.

Will My Neighbours Object To My New Garden Room

Garden Party

And once the build is complete and everybody is happy with the results, don’t forget to throw a wonderful garden party to celebrate and to invite your neighbours round to have a little look at how it has all come together… You never know, it may inspire them to build one too!

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