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5 Ways A New Garden Room Can Be Used For Entertainment

A new garden room is often looked at as being for business or fitness purposes but did you know that it can make the ideal location for entertaining your family and guests? Here are just a few ideas…

How to Entertain in Your New Garden Room

Dining Room

If your home lacks the space to house a decent dining table, then a new garden room is the perfect solution. With ample room for a dining table and chairs as well as room for moving around so that your guests can socialise or maybe even dance? A garden room can provide all you need for dinner parties or annual celebrations. As it is built to such a high spec you can get away with using this all year round.

Outdoor Bar

Your garden room could be both a dining room with a bar built into it, it could just house a bar or you could install a bar on the decking area – so many possibilities. This would help to tie in the outdoor dining feel whether you choose a nice formal sit down meal or a fun barbecue. If you created a bar within the garden room the rest of the room could provide cosy areas in which to sit, a music system, a dance area, maybe even with some additions like a jukebox, a disco ball and lights?!

New Garden Room

Karaoke Bar

If singing is more your thing then why not transform your garden room into a fun-filled karaoke bar? With insulation, soundproofing, air conditioning/heating and electrics provided, you can sing to your heart’s content no matter the month.

Cinema Room

Another great idea for your garden room theme is to turn it into a cinema room. You could invest in a large screen that could be used on one of the walls and furnish the room with either sofas or even cinema-style chairs to feel like the real deal. Blackout blinds will help to achieve the cinema atmosphere and don’t forget to install a popcorn machine! Your kids will absolutely love this!

Gaming Room

If playing video games is your sort of thing or perhaps the teenager’s then a gaming room will go down a treat! Kit out your room with the best tech, a great sound system, large gaming chairs and all of your favourite memorabilia and you will have a gaming room that everyone will want to flock to.

Hopefully these 5 ideas for garden room entertaining have got your juices flowing so if you’d like to discuss having your room built in your own back yard please do get in contact today.

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